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Our wiper blades are guaranteed to be durable and sturdy, preventing the need for frequent wiper blade replacement.
Your vehicle's windshield is similar to a pair of eyeglasses; once they're dirty, the only way to see through them again is to give them a good wiping. In your vehicle's case, continuous windshield wiping is crucial for driving safety during rain or snow. This is where the wiper blade comes into the picture.
The wiper blade keeps your vehicle's windshield clear by preventing the accumulation of rainwater, fog, and snow on the windshield's surface. Once you activate the wiper motor, your vehicle's wiper blades immediately start sweeping across your vehicle's windshield. Made of thin rubber strips, wiper blades push raindrops or snow away from your view, allowing you to clearly see the road ahead. The metal wiper arms exert pressure on the blades to ensure that the wiper blades will wipe the windshield's surface as neatly as they can. Because of the wiper arms, however, the wiper blades are constantly pressed against the windshield, deforming or hardening the rubber strip.
Fortunately, it's easy to detect if a wiper blade needs replacement. Cracked wiper blades leave streaks across your vehicle's windshield and fail to clean the windshield evenly. When it's time for you to get wiper blades, you can count on us. Here, you can find premium quality replacement parts for your vehicle's windshield wiping system.

Wiper Blade Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Wiper Blade

    During heavy downpours of rain or snow, there's one important thing you need besides your vehicle's headlights: a set of reliable wiper blades. A high-quality wiper blade saves you from driving accidents by keeping your view of the road clear and unobstructed. So if your vehicle's stock wiper blades seem to be getting less and less efficient and reliable during those rainy or snowy days, consider getting wiper blade replacements. Remember, using worn-out wiper blades can cause your vehicle's windshield to be clouded by smears or streaks. Worse, damaged wiper blades may not sweep aside rain or snow at all. To ensure your safety especially during winter, wiper blades today are made more reliable and resistant to damage-causing elements.

    • For preventive maintenance, it's best to replace your vehicle's wiper blades every 6 months.

    • Ideally, replace the wiper blade in pairs for maximum function.

    • Installing a new set of wiper blade is definitely a breeze and can be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Wiper Blade: Just the Facts

    A reliable set of wiper blades is a must-have for safe, hassle-free driving. Without a wiper blade set, your vehicle's wipers are pretty much useless. A wiper blade is generally a rubber insert that fits into the wiper arm. This rubber blade can quickly and easily sweep away sheets of rain, snow, or dust from the windshield, leaving you with a clear view of the road ahead. You may see the need for a wiper blade set only on rainy days or when driving off-road, but the truth is you need it each time you drive. This wiper part is vital in keeping the windshield clear and clean. In case you are not satisfied of the stock wiper blades' performance, you can install a replacement wiper blade set. Get your vehicle's next set of wiper blades from!

    • Safely clears away dirt, dust, and rain streaks off your windshield

    • Designed to completely sweep over contours of your glass panel, guaranteeing a spotless windshield

    • Can be installed in a matter of minutes