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Wiper Blade Insert

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Time wears everything out-especially rubber. That's why your car's wipers may already need a replacement. As a wiper blade insert ages, its rubber structure hardens and becomes brittle. This damage makes the insert press unevenly against the windshield glass.The wiper blade is also prevented from following the contour of the windshield. The worst that can happen is when the rubber finally crumbles and the metal wiper arm comes into contact with the windshield's surface, possibly scratching it. The last thing you want is a scratched windshield because it can affect your view of the road.The best remedy to that problem is wiper blade insert replacement. You don't have to replace the entire wiper arm when the inserts get cracked; all you need is the rubber blade that actually sweeps across the windshield.Here at Carparts, you'll find exactly what you're looking for without any extra cost.

• Provides fast and easy installation

• Rubber insert lasts longer than stock

• Different lengths and sizes available for all makes and models