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When your vehicle's wipers are powered by a windshield wiper motor from Family Car, expect long-lasting wiper functions
The weather's unpredictability greatly affects your driving. A clear, sunny day can suddenly turn dark and rainy, decreasing road visibility. This is why you should make sure that all parts of your vehicle's windshield wiper system perform their functions perfectly. One vital part of this system is the windshield wiper motor.
t mainly drives your vehicle's wiper arms and blades. It's usually partnered with a worm gear, which multiplies the motor torque. As the wiper motor and worm gear produce mechanical force, connecting rods transfer the force to the wiper blades, making them quickly move across your vehicle's windshield. When you drive in heavy rains, you can activate a wiper setting that causes the windshield wiper motor to run continuously. This ensures that your vehicle's windshield is cleared of water or fog, giving you ample visibility despite the weather.
Always be ready for bad weather. Before you leave the house, test your vehicle's wipers just to see if the wiper motor works. If it doesn't move your wiper arms in perfect timing across your windshield or their movements are jerky, don't think twice about getting a replacement. We always have it in stock, ready for immediate shipping.

Wiper Motor Articles

  • The Automobile Basics: Wiper Motor

    Whether sand, rain or snow, the road is always potentially filled with deterrents to favorable field of vision. Being a front to ward off wind and airborne particles, the windshield always runs the risk of being dirtied up. The windshield wiper makes driving through sandy off-road pathways easier by giving us better visibility. It keeps optimum visibility by clearing up our cars' windshields. During rainy days, it pretty much does the same. Whatever conditions we may be driving in, we can be sure that we won't ever need to roll down the road with impaired vision, thanks to trusty wipers. As it needs power supplied to it to wipe off the dirt from your windshield, a wiper motor is installed into your car. It is a durable and dependable motor to help keep auto's windshield spotless and clean. In other words, the wiper motor is the car component that provides the muscle power behind the windshield wiper for automobiles. In the event of your car's wiper motor breaking down, you need not look further than CarParts to grab hold of an appropriate replacement. CarParts has just the right wiper motor waiting to power up your wipers for you. So order one now!

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Wiper Motor

    Your vehicle's fog light is working fine, but why can't you see the road ahead clearly? Perhaps the windshield wiper motor is starting to act up, affecting the wipers' functions. For the windshield wipers to perform well, the windshield wiper motor and its auxiliary worm gear must be in good shape. To produce the force needed to quickly move the wipers blades back and forth across the windshield, a worm gear is used together with the windshield wiper motor. The worm gear multiplies the torque produced by the electric motor, allowing the motor to produce enough power to move the wiper blades. So once the windshield wiper motor is down, your vehicle's windshield wipers become useless as well. Good thing, you can easily get a replacement unit to replace your vehicle's damaged stock wiper motor. That's especially true when you shop right here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • Equipped with quality-tested, fully recharged magnets.

    • Compatible with most vehicle models' windshield wiper systems.

    • Our windshield wiper motors also come with the necessary wiring and gears.