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So what are the criteria that you look into when you go shopping for brake parts? Most people, of course, prioritize braking efficiency by focusing on the type of friction materials incorporated on the pads. Others look into rotor design to see whether the brakes are capable of addressing such issues as brake dust. These, however, are just the basic. If you select your brake parts more carefully, you'll be able to enjoy a lot more benefits from your brakes. Zimmermann Coated is one manufacturer that you can rely on for this.

A top brake parts company, the brand is backed by more than 50 years of experience in brake manufacturing. It has already established a good reputation in the auto aftermarket industry and is now offering parts to both car owners and car manufacturers. And now, the brand is continuously expanding its reach, churning out more parts with the use of highly advanced equipment and excellent manufacturing processes. The different types of components that it offers in the market are also continuously growing in number, now reaching 1500. Of all these parts, you can consider the Zimmermann Coated brake disc as the flagship product of the brand.

The company always aims to meet original specifications in its manufacture of brake parts, especially its brake discs. And, it is able to achieve that because of several reasons, in connection with the criteria mentioned in the early part of this article. The first criterion for Zimmermann Coated-"quality begins with the material." The durability of the parts is as important as their efficiency, and the company ensures durability by using materials that are hardwearing and tough, able to withstand great stress and extreme heat. And the second criterion is resistance to damage. The company features its "Coat Z - anti corrosion" formulation in its discs, a coating that protects the parts from rusting and maintains their great looks even after a long time of use. And other than discs, the company also offers brake pads with OE quality and a longer lifespan.