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Cadillac SRX ACC Cabin Filter

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Cadillac SRX ACC Cabin Filter Guides

Reasons why a Cadillac SRX Acc Cabin Filter Fails

Having clean air inside your vehicle is necessary to stay safe and healthy. Good thing there's a Cadillac SRX Acc cabin filter that purifies the air you breathe. This component is made of absorbent materials that efficiently sift out dust, dirt, pollens, and sand to prevent clogging. Eventually, after long-term use, the cabin filter gets congested, thus losing its ability to take out air contaminants. That's the time when you'll start experiencing filter-related problems in your vehicle. To spot the causes of these issues, you need to do some troubleshooting. Here are the steps that you should follow:

Bad odor

It's really not that hard to notice when the smell inside your car starts to become stinky. Without a well-functioning cabin filter, it gets easy for debris to enter your vehicle and settle on the carpet and seats. After some time, they decay, causing the foul smell in your car. To get to the bottom of this problem, you have to inspect the cabin filter. Open your dashboard and find the filter inside. Observe its color, texture, and overall appearance. Darkish brown filter simply means that it's already heaving of dirt. Some filters can be reused after some thorough cleaning. But if you're using paper filters, you must replace it with a new one.

Poor temperature control

It's extremely inconvenient if you can't control the temperature inside your vehicle. Sometimes, no matter how you try to adjust the air blower to max cool or max heat, you still don't get the desired temperature. This scenario is caused by clogged cabin filter. To check, you need to take the cabin filter out of the vehicle. Hold it firmly and place one hand at the back. Try to blow some air into it. If you can't feel the air on the other side of the filter, it only means that the filter is clogged.


The presence of mold in your carper or your car's upholstery is a clear indication of cabin filter failure. Since there's nothing to stop these mold spores, they can easily get inside the cabin and multiply in there. Check your cabin filter for mold contamination. Look for dark or green spots. Once you've confirmed that it's infested by molds, replace or clean the filter. You can use a liquid detergent to remove mold and mildew not just from the filter but also from the carpet and upholstery.

The Commandments of Cadillac SRX Acc Cabin Filter Care

Prioritizing your health and safety is very important. That's why you need to maintain your Cadillac SRX acc cabin filter to prevent harmful contaminants from entering your vehicle's passenger cabin. It's a pretty easy job. You just need to lend some of your time to tidy up your filter. You also need to get some tools and other products that can make the task a whole lot easier. Follow these rules to ensure the proper functioning of your cabin filter.

Vacuum your filter regularly.

Vacuum is the best tool to use to remove dust and dirt from your cabin filter. You can use either a wet or dry vacuum as long as there's a soft-bristled brush attached to it. Be extra cautious when cleaning the pleats of the filter. If you apply too much force, you might break or smash them. A damaged cabin filter must be replaced immediately to prevent air contamination.

Shake dust off.

Even if you don't own a vacuum cleaner, there's still another way for you to remove dust from the filter. Simply shake the dust off! Before you begin, wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes. Go to an open area then shake the filter. Remove as much dirt as you can. Some twigs and pebbles can also get into the filter. Just remove them by your hand, and you're good to go.

Spray filter cleaner on stubborn dirt and stain.

Filter cleaners are available at any home supply or auto parts store. Purchase one and spray it onto the dirtiest areas of the cabin filter. Let it soak for ten minutes before rinsing it off. Pay close attention to the clock. Don't let the cleaner stay on the filter for a long time to prevent damage.

Oil your filter.

Oil enhances the ability of the cabin filter to sift dust and dirt out. When you notice that the filter feels dry, you should spray an ample amount of oil. Coat all pleats and leave them for 20 minutes before you put the filter back under the dashboard.

Replace filter when necessary.

Don't be afraid to spend for a cabin filter replacement. You have to realize that it's normal for your filter to fail after it's been used for years. Trying to repair an already irreparable filter can even cost you more. Buy and install a new filter when you see the need.

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