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ACC Programmer: How it Works and Why Climate Control Is Better Than Air Conditioner

Gone are those days while having an Air conditioner in auto was considered as one of the enormous components, the fact is that, as the time is passing on, A/C has turned into a standard gear which is accessible on all autos, however as new models emerge, new features has been integrated. Climate Control, a new feature that will make your A/C experience to a different level. Most cars come with air conditioning as standard. You may think climate control is the same thing - but it is not! The two systems work in differently, and there's a price difference between them as a result - air con is cheaper than automatic climate control. On this note, car owners are still asking about the function and difference in Climate Control and Air-conditioner. Read on. Get the basic know-how about them, which will help you differentiate between both.

Air Conditioner

An air-conditioner requires you to manually switch on the blower and adjust its ‘Cool' and ‘Hot' settings accordingly to your comfort. Below are the basic controls of an air-conditioner:

1. Air Re-Circulation Mode

2. Blower Speed Regulator

3. Cool / Hot Temperature Regulator

4. Air-flow Direction Regulator

Climate Control

Advancement meets the new innovation, an automatic climate control, as the name itself demonstrates; it works naturally like nothing else after pressing the "Auto" Button. The PC memory present inside the vehicle compares outside temperature and modifies itself, automatically. You also have a choice to physically select the settings.

1. Auto-Climate Control Button

2. Manual Blower Speed Regulator

3. Manual Temperature Adjust Regulator

4. Climate Control Display Screen

Automatic Temperature Control systems also contain what we'll refer to as three major component groups:

  • The Controller
  • The Sensors
  • ATC systems contain what we'll refer to as three major component groups

Basically, the ATC controller is the “brains” of the system. It processes the data it receives from its sensors and issues output commands to the various devices it controls. Controllers are essentially microprocessor devices. Their main jobs are: to gather input data from sensors, make decisions based on the sensor data, then issue appropriate commands to controlled devices.

Climatecontrol also offers ‘dual zone' control: the occupants can set a different temperature zone to the driver. Really expensive cars have multi-zone control, so those in the back can create their own temperature zone too. And for this reason, climate control is more expensive than standard air con. It requires sensors, digital displays, and complicated algorithms to control fan speed, temperature flow and air con usage. There is an added benefit to climate control though - it can to save you money. Because it only uses the air con when needed, it may consume less power than standard air con which simply runs unchecked all the time.

Take note, when having your A/C system serviced, always insist on proper repair procedures and quality parts. Insist on recovery and recycling so that refrigerant can be reused and not released into the atmosphere. Also, take into consideration the reliability and longevity when purchasing an ACC programmer.

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