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Installing a New Air duct Motor for Your Car

The air duct motor is an integral part of the vehicle's air conditioning system. It blows hot or cold air out of the air ducts of the car and provides ventilation to the car's interior. Once the air conditioner of your car stops blowing, then the main culprit will most likely be the blower motor. Having no air conditioning will make you uncomfortable most of the time. It could also put your life in danger if you're not too careful. The air duct motor is also what defrosts and defogs your car. If you can't do either in the middle of an interstate highway, you won't be able to see a thing and risk colliding any obstacle in the way.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you'll need:

  • Air duct motor
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench

Step 1: Pop open the hood of your to gain access to the battery terminal.

Step 2: Remove the battery cable from the battery's negative terminal to disconnect it.

Step 3: Locate the air duct blower of the air conditioning system. Its location is different, depending on the make and model of the car. Check out your car's repair manual to guide you. In any case, the air duct blower can be accessed from inside the car most of the time.

Step 4: Remove any components that are in the way of the air duct motor using the necessary tools. For air duct motors inside the car, you would probably need to remove parts of the dashboard, console or probably just the glove compartment. Once again, read your car's instruction manual for details.

Step 5: Remove any screws or bolts securing the air duct motor or its housing.

Step 6: Carefully remove wires attached to the air duct motor motor.

Step 7: Remove the air duct motor. This may require some careful maneuvering from your part to prevent any damage to the other components of your car.

Step 8: Install the new air duct motor and tighten the necessary screws and bolts.

Step 9: Attach the appropriate wires to the air duct motor.

Step 10: Put everything that was in the interior of your car back into the right place.

Step 11: Reconnect the battery of your car.

Testing the air duct blower

Step 1: Start the engine of your car.

Step 2: Listen closely to the sound of the motor. If it's making weird sounds or if it sounds radically different from your old motor, you may want to take another look at the motor.

Step 3: Test the different air speed options, testing them one minute at a time.

Step 4: Try to frequently change the air speed to see the air duct motor will respond.

Step 5: Try the different temperature settings of your car to see how it responds.


The air conditioning system is particularly important during winter. If it won't work, there is rarely any alternative way to defrost your windows. Don't risk driving in this case, especially at night.

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