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Do you want to boost your vehicle's hauling and towing capacity? That's easy! All you need to install is a premium air leveling kit. Custom-engineered for your vehicle's specs and model, the air leveling kit provides a perfectly fine-tunes the firmness of your suspension. Once installed, the product prevents trailer sway, sag, body roll, bottoming out, and rough riding The air leveling kit is available in three types: the air light 100, the ride control, and the load lifter 500. Whichever best fits your ride guarantees to improve your vehicle's towing, handling, and traction. All these you can enjoy by installing the air leveling kit perfect for your ride. Carparts offers air leveling kits at a much cheaper price. See for yourself!

• Maximizes your vehicle's towing and hauling capacities

• Improves handling and traction and prevents body roll, sag, and sway

• Installs in your pickup truck, medium-duty truck or SUV easily

Dos and Don’ts in Purchasing an Air Leveling Kit

Do you find your truck or SUV lacking in the looks department? Or does your ride pack a heavy duty winch or bumper and it makes the front droop from the weight? An air leveling kit might be the solution to your problem. Unlike air lift kits which are designed to lift the vehicle evenly, air leveling kits only raise one end of the chassis. This allows for a more distinct look which you can customize according to your vehicle's needs and your personal tastes.

If you are planning on buying an air leveling kit for your ride, here are some dos and don'ts for take note of:


  • DO make sure that the air leveling kit is compatible with your vehicle. Air leveling kits are designed for a specific make and model, and installing one to the wrong type of vehicle may result in reduced suspension performance as well as damage to the shocks, leaf springs, and other suspension components.
  • DO include an air compressor when purchasing a kit. The air leveling kit needs to be re-pressurized on a periodic basis, and while you can have the air bags compressed in gas station it is more convenient and practical to install an air compressor in your truck or SUV as well. Air compressors specially made of air leveling kits are widely available online as well as in specialty auto parts stores, although some higher end kits include a compressor in their package.
  • DO buy a kit with a warranty. Many kits nowadays have a 2-year to a lifetime limited warranty depending on the component. Given the high cost of air leveling kits, a warranty can save you from headaches caused by defective parts later on.


  • DON'T buy a leveling kit. As confusing as it sounds, but air leveling kits are not the same as air leveling kits. Whereas leveling kits uses mechanical means such as brackets and springs to level the front of the truck, the air leveling kit uses compressed air stored in bags or bellows. The parts on either kit are not compatible with each other, so make sure to check if the packaging explicitly states that the kit is air leveling system.
  • DON'T buy a kit that does not include the hardware. There are air leveling kits, particularly those offered by third-party sellers, that only contain the spaces and air bag components but not the hardware. While these kits are substantially cheaper, finding the right type of nut, fitting, or u-bolt for the spacers may prove difficult and expensive to find and purchase outside of the kit. Also, be wary if the kit has the hardware in the parts list but is not included in the package; this may mean the kit has been refurbished and has been tampered with.
  • DON'T get an air leveling kit if your vehicle isn't in good condition. If your vehicle has a corroded frame or has been in a collision, have it checked for structural integrity. An air leveling lift kit modifies the handling and suspension characteristics of the vehicle, which can compromise the integrity of a worn or damaged chassis.

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