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Reasons behind Audi A6 Quattro Air Mass Meter Problems

Your Audi A6 Quattro is equipped with an air mass meter that measures the flow and density of the air flowing into the combustion chamber. This engine component regulates the ratio of air to fuel. So when this part becomes defective, better pop up the hood and do some troubleshooting. Listed below are the reasons behind Audi A6 Quattro air mass meter problems.

Hesitation when accelerating

If you experience hesitation when your car is accelerating or if you encounter rough idle, then better check up your Audi A6's air mass meter. You see, poor idle is usually a result of a bad air mass meter. To check if it has become defective, simply inspect the computer diagnostic codes. Diagnostic scanners are available at most auto shops, so it wouldn't be really hard to buy one. Recurring failures are usually a result of poor maintenance. Water and dirt particles can enter the air mass meter's intake tube, so regular cleaning should help extend its lifespan.

Vacuum or boost leaks

Sometimes rough idle is not a result of faulty air mass meters, but is caused by leaks in the intake hoses. When theses hoses are damaged and leak out, it causes the air mass meter to incorrectly read the amount of air. You see, replacing or repairing the Audi A6's defective air mass meter will not do you good if the damaged hoses are not replaced first.

Limp mode and loss of engine power

When your Audi A6's air mass meter is defective, it will fail to give out any signal to the car's ECU and would let the car switch itself into limp mode. You see, an auto in limp mode restricts your engine so that it will not rev up beyond the pre-programmed speed. This loss of power makes the car barely drivable.

Other troubleshooting tips

Often times, a faulty air mass meter will show symptoms similar to almost every other car part failure. You may experience rough idling and acceleration or even stalling. Usually, car owners would suspect the fuel system or the spark plugs, but the real culprit could be the air mass meter. A defective one sends incorrect readings, so the ECU mixes the wrong amounts of fuel with air. As a result, several engine problems occur.

Tips to Keep Your Audi A6 Quattro Air Mass Meter in Top Shape

Regulating the right amount of air or fuel to your engine is made possible with your Audi A6 Quattro's air mass meter. However, this part will exhibit signs of wear and tear overtime, which can lead to several engine problems. To keep your air mass meter in good condition, follow these easy maintenance tips:

  • Perform a regular inspection.
  • The best way to prevent an early wearing of your Audi A6's air mass meter is to schedule a regular checkup. This way, you are able to maintain the part's condition and not let any defects worsen if there are any. As a general rule, clean the air mass meter when you see dirt and grime on the part. You see, this meter is easily accessible under the car's hood.
  • When doing maintenance, also check the condition of intake hoses.
  • Sometimes symptoms of rough idling and decrease in mileage are a result of leaking intake hoses that are connected to the air mass meter. So you see, it is also important to check for damaged leaks at least once in a week or two to avoid further air mass meter repairs.
  • Clean the air mass meter in a zip-lock baggie and with a 70-30 isopropyl rubbing alcohol.
  • To keep your Audi A6's air mass meter free from dirt and grime, place the part in a zip-lock baggie filled with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. You should leave the meter in the baggie for about 20-25 minutes to ensure that every side is cleansed.
  • Use air mass meter or electric contact cleaners on the wires.
  • The wires should also be cleaned with a special type of air mass meter cleaner or an electrical contact cleaner to prevent damaging its sensitive parts.
  • Allow ample time for drying after cleaning.
  • The air mass meter should not only be cleansed but also be left to dry before installing it back to the Audi A6. The part should be left to dry on a towel for at least 45 minutes. Failing to do so may damage your engine or even the air mass meter. You see, water or alcohol contamination can result to more engine repairs.

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