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AutoCustomCarpets Carpet Kit Review

Keeping your car interior clean can be a tedious job. Aside from taking up a considerable amount of time, it also requires a certain amount of money for the cleaning materials. That is why it’s best that you install a top-notch carpet kit in your vehicle. It helps in maintaining the interior of your car in its good, almost-new condition. However, not all carpet kit brands are the same. So here’s our brief opinion on the AutoCustomCarpets carpet kit:

AutoCustomCarpets carpet kit features:

  • It makes remodeling your vehicle easy through its outstanding design.
  • It’s custom pressure-formed to the exact shape of your car’s floor pan.
  • It’s made of 80% rayon and 20% nylon loop and is tufted on a 0.16 gauge machine to produce a plush look and feel.
  • It consists of 24 oz. of yarn per square yard.
  • It undergoes strict tests for ozone humidity, fading, and light.
  • It’s manufactured with qualities that go beyond OE specifications.
  • It’s available as a direct fit product.
  • It’s offered as a made-to-order carpet for your specific vehicle.
  • It comes in a wide range of carpet styles.
  • Installation instructions are included in the package for your reference.
  • It’s covered by a one-year AutoCustomCarpets limited warranty.

Upon trying the AutoCustomCarpets on our 2007 Chevrolet HHR, we noticed the following ups and downs:

The ups

  • Being a direct fit ensures an easy installation; all you need is just a few materials and the carpet kit can be installed in less than 10 minutes.
  • The carpet kit’s style and color options are plus points, especially if you are meticulous with your car’s interior design.
  • It’s resistant to humid and can easily be cleaned; you just need to wipe or brush off accumulated dirt and debris.
  • Its plush look and feel allows you to feel comfortable while either you’re driving or just sitting in idle.
  • It’s fitted securely on the car’s floor, so you don’t have to worry about the carpet getting dislocated.
  • It complements our 2007 HHR’s interior look with its innovative and stylish look.
  • It has a budget-friendly price unlike other expensive brands like Delaware Valley and Rugged Ridge.

The downs

  • Carpet kits from AutoCustomCarpets are made-to-order so waiting for your carpet to be finished may take longer than readily available aftermarket products.
  • There are still a few trimmings involved despite the product being a direct fit, but those are just minor trimmings for meticulous users like us.

The overall stats

The AutoCustomCarpets carpet kit surely offers remarkable features for each vehicle. If you want to have the right-sized carpet matched with a stylish layout for your car, then we recommend the AutoCustomCarpets carpet kit.

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