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Battery Doctor Battery Filler Review

While it is best known for its innovative lineup of battery-related products, the Battery Doctor brand also offers tools for servicing car batteries. One such tool is the Battery Doctor filler. Made out of acid-resistant materials, the Battery Doctor battery filler can be used to refill battery acid. In this review, we tested several units of Battery Doctor’s fillers to check whether they can hold up to the challenge.


  • Overall length: 10 inches
  • Fill battery cells with water or battery acid
  • Easy-grip, flexible filler bulb
  • One-piece construction prevents leaks at the bulb area
  • Acid-resistant material
  • Ergonomic shape for ease of use
  • Limited warranty

Things we liked

  • Can be used for other fluids. While the Battery Doctor battery filler is designed to contain battery acid safely, it can also be used for other automotive liquids such as water and lubricant. Make sure, however, to clean the filler thoroughly after every use to prevent contamination.
  • The nozzle is long enough to access those hard-to-reach areas. It certainly saves you from those awkward poses just to fill up the various fluids in your engine hood.
  • The filler is well built. The bulb is made from thick synthetic materials and is sealed tight to prevent leaks. The materials used are also acid-free, so you don’t have to worry about battery acid eating through the material and spilling onto your hands.
  • The bulb is also easy to grip. A simple pour and squeeze will result in a smooth stream with no spatter whatsoever.
  • Comes with a hole near the nozzle, which you can use to hang the syringe for storage.

Things we didn’t like

  • The filler is only capable of holding around 4-5 oz. of fluid. It would have been better if it had a larger capacity, so we wouldn’t have to go back and forth to fill up the battery.
  • Fairly expensive for its size. The filler costs around $9-$10 online, which is much higher compared to fillers from other brands of similar sizes that are typically priced below $5. Of course, the cost may be due to the quality of the craftsmanship of this product, but for those budget-conscious owners, this might just be too expensive for their wallets.

The bottom line

The Battery Doctor battery filler is of high quality and can be used for other fluids aside from battery acid, but its small capacity and price are holding us back from giving it a good score.

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