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Battery Doctor Battery Terminal Review

Replacing a battery terminal is never an enjoyable task. Aside from the inconvenience of removing a worn or corroded terminal, installing a new one can also be difficult and runs the risk of giving you a shock. And these are the problems that Battery Doctor battery terminal is trying to solve. A specialist in car battery-related peripherals, Battery Doctor offers a line of replacement battery terminals that is not only safe but also easy to install and use. In this review, we tried one of Battery Doctor’s more popular models – the Quick Release battery terminal – to see if it can hold up to its promises.


  • Replaces standard battery terminals
  • Treated to resist corrosion
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with a quick-release battery bolt for easy removal
  • Cam action loosens and tightens bolts

Things we liked:

  • Installing the Battery Doctor terminals was easier than we expected it to be. The terminals are designed to comply with OEM specifications, so fitting them on standard battery cables wasn’t much of a problem for us. However, while Battery Doctor advertises that its battery terminals do not need additional parts for installation, we do advise covering the seam between the battery cable and terminal with heatshrink tubing to protect against moisture.
  • The terminal is easy to attach and detach from the battery post, thanks to its quick release bolts. Each bolt has a handle at the end which, with a simple twist, loosens or tightens the grip of the terminal onto the post. There’s no need for wrenches as you can turn the lever easily with your fingers. In addition, the handles are also covered with color-coded polypropylene sheathing to protect against electric shock.
  • Grips the terminal post as affectively as any standard terminal. Our major concern with the quick-release design of the Battery Doctor terminal was that it would have a looser grip on the post, but this fear was unfounded when we actually installed the terminal onto the battery itself. The terminals had a fairly strong hold, especially when using a pair of pliers as leverage. We do advise, however, against over-tightening the bolts on the terminal as this may cause damage to the threads or onto the actual terminals or battery posts.

Things we did not like:

  • The bolts provided are a bit short. Though the bolts do have an adequate enough length to allow for a tight fit, it is a bit short compared to standard terminal bolts and might lead to accidental slippage when installed on batteries with large terminal posts. You can replace the bolts with longer ones, as the threads are OEM-compliant, although this would mean scrapping the quick-release feature of the terminal.

Bottom line:

The distinct design of the Battery Doctor terminals are more than just a novelty, as they do make servicing your car’s battery and battery cables a faster and more convenient one. We definitely recommend this as a replacement unit for your car’s battery cables.

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