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Battery Doctor Fuse Holder Review

When the current exceeds the limits, it’s the fuse that makes a huge sacrifice for the electrical team. The wire inside melts, and the blown fuse interrupts the flow of electrical charge to keep damage from spreading throughout the system. Considering what this electrical part has to endure, the fuse could definitely use some tough cover and reinforcement. Wired into the circuit, the fuse holder can add more to over-current protection and can help ensure good electrical connection. To find one that can best do the job, we tried out different options in the market. For this review, we listed down the pros and cons of using the Battery Doctor fuse holder (model # 31800-7) and rated it according to performance, fit, price, and quality.


  • Designed as 20-amp in-line for 3 AG fuses
  • With a 14-gauge wire
  • Made with threaded screw cap
  • Complete with a fuse


  • It helps that the one we got is designed to match the electrical system requirements of our vehicle. Wiring the fuse holder into the circuit took us about 15 minutes. We had to cut, strip, twist, and insert wires. Installation wouldn’t be easy for a noob in auto DIY, but it’s great to have a brand-new fuse holder that fits well.
  • The fuse holder effectively keeps away dust and dirt. It’s a safe and reliable container.
  • It’s durable. From time to time, we would check this fuse holder to see if it’s still in good condition. And all we could find is a well-built fuse accessory that’s holding out nicely.
  • It works. It’s able to provide the needed over-current protection and maintains good electrical connection.
  • It comes with a durable threaded screw cap and a heavy-duty 14-gauge wire. Its construction is at par with other topnotch fuel holder options.
  • It comes complete with a wire and a fuse. It’s ready to install. Everything’s in line with the design.


  • Other options have more advanced features and specs.

The verdict

You can rely on this fuse holder to provide the much-needed over-current protection and not cause any problem with electrical connection. It keeps the fuse safe from dirt and other elements that may ruin the connection or cause corrosion. It’s safe to use and reliable. You can see from the threaded cap down to the wire that this fuse holder is sturdy and built to meet the standards.

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