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Air that goes inside the engine through the intake system won't magically vanish once the combustion process is done. So to make sure that you can quickly discharge it out of the vehicle along with the harmful chemicals, you need to have a good exhaust system installed inside your rig. If there's one brand that can help you get that unrestricted flow of exhaust gases out into the atmosphere from the vehicle's powerplant, it's Benchmark. By supplying you with first-rate aftermarket products like the Benchmark Exhaust Manifold, rest assured that dealing with these gases won't be a problem anymore.

Benchmark has been a staple in the automotive aftermarket industry particularly in supplying vehicle owners with top-notch exhaust system components. With its unmatched expertise in manufacturing and developing exhaust devices, it's able to come up with cutting-edge parts that are guaranteed efficient and long-lasting. One of them is the Benchmark Elbow Pipe. As this pipe's function is to handle the transfer of combustion gases, it's made durable against high temperatures as well as contaminants by constructing it from heavy-duty materials. By doing this, you can guarantee that it won't easily go down to deterioration; thus, making it worth every penny it costs.

Aside from this particular pipe, the brand also designed an array of header pipes that have the toughness that can match the lifespan of OEM components. The Benchmark Header Pipe is a perfect replacement for your stock part because it can simply give the same excellent performance that your rig needs. Additionally, its installation process is made trouble-free for backyard mechanics like you to ensure that you can get it done without hiring someone else. Lastly, by customizing it to the specifications of your ride, you can definitely mount it straight out of the box. And the best part-only simple hand tools are needed to accomplish it.

Benchmark: Providing Quality Exhaust Parts and Excellent Service

Specializing in top-grade exhaust system components, Benchmark has become one of the established parts providers in the market industry. Unlike other exhaust part suppliers, Benchmark not only focuses on providing highly quality exhaust manifolds, elbow pipes, catalytic converters, header pipes, and other exhaust components but also quality customer service. Its desire to achieve loyal customers has pushed Benchmark to being committed to a pro-customer mindset, resulting in high customer satisfaction ratings of which the company is proud of. And part of what makes Benchmark confident about its products and services is the latest technology and state-of-the-art production processes that is incorporated in making their products. So when it comes to great service and great parts, Benchmark's exhaust components has certainly got it covered.

High efficient catalytic converters

At the forefront of Benchmark's catalog is its line of front, rear, side, dual, and conventional catalytic converters. Made of rust-resistant aluminized steel, Benchmark replacement catalytic converters are of a direct fit construction and are compliant with OE specifications and emission standards of 48 states across the US. This translates to less troubleshooting, easier installation procedures, and zero OBDII issues that are common in universal-type catalytic converters. In addition, each catalytic converter is covered with a 5-year or 50,000-mile Benchmark limited warranty.

OE-compliant exhaust pipe

Benchmark's experience and technological assets in making high quality OE-grade catalytic converters can also be found in their exhaust pipe series. Compliant with OE standards of various vehicle makes and models, Benchmark's replacement exhaust pipes are designed to be near-exact replicas of their stock counterparts. The pipes are also designed to channel exhaust gas efficiently from the engine's exhaust manifold to the muffler, resulting in lower engine noise and no smell of exhaust inside the passenger cabin. And just like the catalytic converter, the Benchmark exhaust pipe is made of rust-resistant steel and is designed to work best with other Benchmark replacement exhaust parts.

Customizable flex pipes

For those looking for a more efficient exhaust system, Benchmark offers its line of exhaust flex pipes. Made of high quality tubing and braided steel, the Benchmark flex pipe offers both strength and flexibility. The flex pipe can effectively reduce the vibrations by the engine and exhaust, resulting in a much quieter ride even on older engines. The pipe can also be used to modify the route of the exhaust from the manifold to the muffler, making it especially suitable for customized vehicles or cars that have aftermarket performance-grade catalytic converters, mufflers, and other exhaust components. And despite being a handy tool for custom car modders, Benchmark flex pipes are 100% legal to use in the US, including in the state of California.

Direct-fit exhaust manifolds

The benchmark exhaust manifold is a direct-fit, OE replacement that mounts, works, and feels just like the stock exhaust manifold. The manifolds are constructed out of heavy duty steel with a natural finish and are compatible with other Benchmark exhaust components including the catalytic converter and exhaust pipes. What's more, the exhaust manifold is covered with a comprehensive lifetime warranty from Benchmark, ensuring that even if the manifold does fail earlier than expected the company will still compensate you with a replacement.

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