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Getting the Right Dodge Billet Grille

A Dodge car grille (as opposed to a barbecue grill) is a metal piece mounted on areas of your automobile in need of vents and openings. Meanwhile, a billet grille is a grille that makes use of a pattern consisting of a series of bars arranged either horizontally or vertically. This is in contrast to the crisscross patterns of a mesh grille or the more ornamental look of a CNC grille. Here's how you shop for the best grille available.

Considerations When Shopping for a Billet Grille

  1. Know How Well a New Grille Fulfills Its Purpose:The purpose of a grille is to allow filtered air to enter and circulate inside your car to keep car parts like your engine and radiator from overheating. It also serves to improve fuel combustion and keep debris out. On that note, the grille you're considering to buy should have a good balance between vent and filter bigness to ensure that those purposes are fulfilled.

  1. Learn about the Different Variations of Billet Grilles:While you're specifically searching for the billet variety of grille (the other types are mesh and CNC as well as custom), you should still watch out for billet variations. The pattern and how the parallel bars are placed can affect the effectiveness of the grill. The largeness of the vents and the bars will vary from maker to maker. Its location, how it's fastened, and the material used to make it will also differ.

  1. Consider the Location of the Grille on the Dodge Vehicle:Is it near the bumper? Right above the license plate? Is it at the front or rear of the vehicle? Is it an engine grille or a radiator grille? Radiator grilles are usually found on the front of the automobile in order to cool off the radiator as you drive, which also keeps your engine from overheating. Meanwhile, fender grilles are positioned near the wheels to cool down brakes. There are also trunk, roof, and hood scoop grilles available.

  1. Understand the Fastening Style of Your Grille:Grilles can be fastened onto your car through a bolt-over style, wherein the new grille is mounted on your stock grille. This is a popular style of mounting since it's easy to do with only a few tools. Replacement style, on the other hand, involves removing the original grille and replacing it with a new grille. This process is more expensive and you might to hire a pro mechanic to do the installation for you.

  1. Inform Yourself the Material Your Grille Is Made Of:Grilles come in different materials. Plastic is the less expensive option, but it's more fragile than other grille types. Many stock grilles are of the plastic variety. Aluminum grilles are durable, rust-resistant, and lightweight. It's a typical aftermarket purchase. Finally, there's stainless steel that's more durable than aluminum and requires less maintenance. It's great for off-road driving but it might be too expensive for some. It's also heavier than aluminum.

The Bottom Line

In order to purchase the right grille for your vehicular needs, various decisions must be made. You should take into consideration the design of the billet grille (even billet designs differ from one grille to another), the type of material it's made from, and grille location. Just remember that they're mainly configured with decorative patterns or parallel lines so that it can serve as a filter for solid objects while letting air through into your vehicle.

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