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Did you know that upgrading your stock filter to a cold air intake is one of the quickest ways to increase horsepower? If you’re looking to amp up your ride’s performance with little effort but surefire results, AEM Air has you covered.

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Get $50 OFF on select AEM® cold air intakes with code AEMAIR50. This limited-offer ends on July 26, 2022. See list below for available parts.

Purchase your AEM Air cold air intake today until 07/26 and enjoy $50 off your order. Use code AEMAIR50.

Items Covered

Product Name Shop Link
AEM Air® 21-401C Cold Air Intake A1821401C
AEM Air® 21-403B Cold Air Intake A1821403B
AEM Air® 21-403C Cold Air Intake A1821403C
AEM Air® 21-403R Cold Air Intake A1821403R
AEM Air® 21-404C Cold Air Intake A1821404C

See list of included products here.

Period Covered

Offer is good from June 15, 2022 through July 26, 2022.

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