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Several news items have been released regarding Ford’s Mustang-inspired SUV, yet no one has an idea what the crossover will look like. Alas, Ford has scheduled the preview for the highly anticipated vehicle this November.

In a report by The Detroit Bureau, a Ford spokesperson allegedly confirmed a teaser for the upcoming SUV will be shared by the company three months from now.

The crossover will reportedly be part of the new Ford Icons group that will also include models that carry historic Ford nameplates such as the Mustang and Bronco.

, Ford to Preview Mustang-Inspired SUV in November
Available details on the upcoming crossover are very few, but rumors say Ford will offer the standard trim with a 484-kilometer mileage.

“We’re rallying the company around the iconic products,” Amy Marentic, director of regional product line management for Ford Icons, told The Detroit Bureau. “We have to make sure they’re around for
another 55 years.”

The Mustang-inspired model will be an electric vehicle whose development plans were first announced by Ford in January 2018 for a 2020 model year release.

Based on earlier reports, the initial plan was to call the SUV Mach 1. Fans, however, weren’t welcoming of the idea of naming an EV with one of Mustang’s most popular variant.

Available details on the upcoming crossover are also very few at this point, but rumors are rife that Ford will offer two ranges for the vehicle. The standard trim will have a 484-kilometer mileage, while another variant will go over 600 kilometers. A high-performance version is also considered, according to reports, although it’s still not clear whether it will be a separate variant or not.

Aside from the upcoming EV, Ford is also rumored to be creating another Mustang-inspired crossover powered by combustion, which will share a platform with the next-generation Ford Explorer.

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