Ram Outsells Silverado in Q3 of 2020

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Securing its spot as the second best-selling truck in the United States is getting tougher for the Chevrolet Silverado as sales numbers for this year’s Q3 show the Ram outselling it by as many as 11,000 units.

The Auburn Hills automaker closes in on its perennial competitor in the segment after selling 156,157 units of its light- and heavy-duty pickup trucks in the third quarter alone. It’s 3% less than the number of vehicles it moved this time last year but still pretty decent considering the coronavirus pandemic from which the United States economy has yet to recover.

This brings Ram’s current total to 402,410 pickups in 2020—only a few thousand units behind Chevy’s 409,967 Silverado sales, of which 156,157 were from the third quarter of the year. However, despite the Silverado 1500 sliding 9.6% down in sales, the Silverado HD variant countered it with a 9.1% increase in sales.

chevrolet silverado on display
Boosting the sales of the Chevrolet Silverado HD could be something General Motors would want to look into if it wants to keep the second spot in America’s battle of the trucks.

Boosting the sales of the Silverado HD could be something General Motors would want to look into if it wants to keep Ram at bay and stay in the second spot for a little longer.

Taking into account the bigger picture, though, the Silverado’s see-saw battle with Ram trucks does not seem to affect GM’s overall pickup sales that much. The GMC Sierra and Sierra HD are working equally hard for the brand with a combined sales numbers of 67,784 units in the previous quarter for a current total of 213,319 trucks for the nameplate.

Ford has not released its third-quarter sales, but it looks pretty solid with 367,387 trucks sold in Q2 2020.

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