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How to Flush Coolant

Nearly every vehicle manufacturer recommends a coolant flush as part of their maintenance schedule—it’s an essential part of any car care routine. Why? Because coolant breaks down over time and...Read more


How Hot Does a Radiator Get?

Your car’s engine produces a lot of heat as it burns fuel and air during the combustion process. This heat must be removed through a heat exchanger in order to...Read more


How to Clean a Radiator

You can tell that you have a clogged radiator once you start observing signs such as overheating and inefficient cabin heating. But why wait for this to happen when performing...Read more


How to Replace a Faulty Radiator

You've done all the checks needed and you've determined that your cooling system troubles stem from a faulty radiator - now what? You have several options depending on how severe...Read more


6 Signs of a Bad Radiator

You know that the radiator is an essential part of your cooling system, but how can you tell when something is wrong? Spotting the signs of a bad radiator is...Read more


How to Replace a Damaged Radiator

Engines generate high amounts of heat from the constant combustion of fuel. Though hot exhaust gas does exit through the vehicle’s exhaust system, the engine block itself absorbs much of...Read more


Main Components of Your Cooling System

1. RADIATOR: Cools off the anti-freeze/coolant mixture by allowing air passing through the tube/fin area to dissipate the heat generated by the engine. 2. WATER PUMP: Draws the cooled anti-freeze...Read more

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