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Chrysler is one of the

“Big Three” 

automobile manufacturers 

But before the automaker earned its stripes, Walter Chrysler spent years trying to get it on the map. 

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The Kansas native had a passion for machinery at a young age

He skipped college to work as an apprentice for a railroad machine shop at 18 years old.

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Walter spent the next 20 years in the railroad business, honing his skills and mastering plant efficiency

He eventually landed a managerial position at the American Locomotive Company in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Walter only got interested in the automotive industry when he was 33 years old.

After seeing the Locomobile at the Chicago Auto Show in 1908, he knew he had to buy one.

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Chrysler didn’t know how to drive a Locomobile

But that didn’t stop him from spending his remaining $700 in savings and borrowing $4,300 more to have the Locomobile shipped to his home by rail.

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He took the engine of his Locomobile apart and put it back together

He wanted to understand how everything worked and figure out how to drive it.

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At 36 years old, Chrysler met General Motors President Charles Nash and was offered a managerial position at the Buick plant in Flint, MI

He started with a salary that was only half of what he was making at the American Locomotive Company.

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Chrysler tripled Buick’s production, making it the strongest and best-selling division of General Motors

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GM founder William Durant appointed Chrysler as president of Buick in 1916

But, after having conflicting views with Durant about the cost of frame manufacturing, Chrysler left the company in 1919.

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To revive Maxwell, he introduced the Chrysler Six in 1924 at the New York Automobile Show.

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Chrysler’s next conquest came in the form of saving Maxwell Motor Company, Inc. from bankruptcy

32,000 Chrysler Six units were manufactured and sold within a year

Maxwell Motor Corporation became Chrysler Corporation in 1925.

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He bought Dodge Brothers, Inc. in 1928 and released the first Plymouth model

The automaker grew to become one of the most successful brands in the industry, competing against General Motors and Ford Company.

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In 1935, Chrysler retired as president of the company and stayed as chairman of the board until he passed away in 1940

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