This Women’s History Month,  let’s rediscover the groundbreaking inventions of women in the automotive industry.

Image credit: Mercedes-Benz, MUW Center for Women's Research & Public Policy, Rutgers University Libraries

Windshield Wiper  - Mary Anderson and Charlotte Bridgwood

Image credit: Wikimedia

Mary Anderson,

a real estate developer and entrepreneur,  invented a hand-operated lever device that can remove snow, rain, and sleet.

She had it patented in 1903.

Image credit: Wikimedia

Charlotte Bridgwood,

the president of “Bridgwood Manufacturing Company,” improved the design.

She invented the first electrically operated automatic wipers.

Patented in 1917, the “Storm Windshield Cleaner” used rollers instead of blades.

Image credit: The Original Tombstone Tourist, Google Patents

Brake Lights and  Turn Signals - Florence Lawrence

Image credit: Wisconsin Center for Film and Television

Florence Lawrence

was more than a stage actress and performer.

She’s also a famous female inventor like her mother, Charlotte Bridgwood.

She invented the first mechanical brake lights and turn signals in 1914.

Image credit: Wisconsin Historical Society

Brake Pads  - Bertha Benz

Image credit: Wikimedia

Bertha Benz

was more than just the wife of Karl Benz.

She’s also a female automotive pioneer.

She invented the concept of “brake pads” in 1888.

Image credit: Wikimedia

When Karl’s horseless carriage didn’t get buyers, she took it out for a spin with her two teenage sons.

During the 120-mile trip, the carriage’s wooden brakes started to fail.

Bertha had a shoemaker install leather soles for a quick fix, creating the first brake pads.

Image credit: Mercedes-Benz Group AG

GPS  - Hedy Lamarr

Image credit: Wikimedia

She invented a frequency-hopping technology that laid the groundwork for GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi.

Image credit: Wikimedia

One of the greatest movie actresses of all time, Hedy Lamarr was also a self-taught inventor.

They got a patent for it in 1942.

She invented the "Secret Communication System" with her friend George Antheil.

When the Germans started attacking civilian ships during WW2, Lamarr wanted to help.

Image credit: Wikimedia, Google Patents

Car Heater  - Margaret Wilcox

Image credit: Haynes Motor Museum

Margaret Wilcox was a mechanical engineer

who discovered a way to keep car cabins warm in 1893.

Her invention channeled the car engine’s hot air into the cabin.

Image credit: Google Patents