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We shouldn't be talking about body kit installation without knowing first what it is. A body kit is defined as a restyling item installed in the vehicle to alter its appearance. It may include a wing or rear spoiler, ground effects package, and may also contain some parts of the body panel such as bumper cover, fender flares, running boards, valances and many others. Body kits are basically designed to make the vehicle appear lower to the ground, more exotic as well as more aggressive.

A new car body kit is usually one of the first things that Acura RSX owner would consider when transforming its vehicle into something hot and eye catching. Many owners use body kits in their job of turning a traditional sport compact into a certified racing machine. The very first benefit and the very apparent impact you'll get from installing Acura RSX body kit is reduced vehicle's weight. Aside from that, these add-ons dramatically boost the car's acceleration and augment its speed as well as hp. The most famous body kits in the automotive market are those that are made up of fiberglass, which don't only come lightweight but also help enhance its handling and velocity.

Yes, Acura RSX body kit will definitely alter the overall appearance of your RSX, but it doesn't mean that you have to settle your hands right away without considering some important factors. Before picking up the Acura RSX body kit for your car, decide first on what type of material you want your kit to be made of.

Generally, there are two types of materials used in constructing body kits - fiberglass and urethane. Those Acura RSX body kits that are made up of fiberglass usually have better fit and can be repaired once a piece is dented or damaged. Fiberglass body kits also offer better finish than urethane and paint look sleeker and better when applied on them. On the other hand, urethane Acura RSX body kits have a construction that's durable and more resistant to soft impacts. But if ever they got damaged, they can't anymore be repaired.

Remember that in acquiring Acura RSX body kits, you always get what you pay for. You can get cheap units but the quality has to be compromised. So before purchasing Acura RSX body kits, decide how much you are willing to invest.

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