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Detecting Hyundai Sonata Brake Pad Shim Failure: Common Symptoms and Their Causes

Your Hyundai Sonata's superior stopping power is made possible by the collective effort of your vehicle's top-notch brake system components. Each of these brake assembly parts has its own contributions in making your brake system more efficient. Take for instance your Hyundai Sonata brake pad shims. They are responsible for maintaining the smooth interaction between your brake pads and brake rotors. So when the brake pad shims fail, your vehicle's braking performance declines. For your awareness, here are the most common signs of Hyundai Sonata brake pad shim failure and the reasons behind them:

Excessive vibration

If you are experiencing too much shaking or vibration everytime you step on your Hyundai Sonata's brake pedal, it could be an indication that your vehicle's brake pad shims are broken or missing. Your Hyundai Sonata brake pad shims have the tendency to fall out from the caliper and the rest of the brake assembly, especially when you change your brake pads. Since these braking components are often made of rubber or metal, brake pad shims are also bound to deteriorate. Rubber shims tend to wear out over time, while metal shims accumulate rust and eventually corrode. In these cases, replacing the lost or damaged brake pad shims is the only solution.

Squealing and squeaking noises

Does your Hyundai Sonata squeal like a pig everytime you hit the brakes? If you are nodding your head in agreement right now, your brake pad shims are probably in bad shape. Although the level of brake assembly noise usually depends on the brake pad material used, it is also possible for the shims to cause these squealing and squeaking noises. When your Hyundai Sonata brake pad shims go bad, their efficiency in maintaining the perfect fit between the brake pads and the brake rotors decreases. These discrepancies will then allow the pads and the rotors to loosely hit each other, producing the loud and annoying squealing noises as you stop the vehicle. To avoid the embarrassment caused by noisy brakes, have your damaged shims replaced as soon as possible.

Other troubleshooting tips

Premature brake pad or brake rotor wear can also be a sign of brake pad shim failure. So if you are forced to replace your pads and rotors more often than normal, you may want to check your shims for damage. Other signs of Hyundai Sonata brake pad shim failure that you need to watch out for include decrease in braking efficiency and brake pads that won't stay in place.

Easy Care Tips for Your Hyundai Sonata Brake Pad Shim

You are gliding through the city street on your elegant Hyundai Sonata when, out of nowhere, a careless driver and his vehicle suddenly cuts and overtakes. As fast as lighting, you stepped on the brake pedal to prevent a fatal collision. As you hit the brakes, your Sonata's powerful brake assembly quietly and steadily brought the vehicle into a complete stop. Abruptly stopping your vehicle without any shaking or noise would not have been possible if your Hyundai Sonata brake pad shims were defective. To help you keep your vehicle's shims in tiptop shape, just follow these easy but very effective tips:

Examine the shims for damage.

Brake pad shims are exposed to extreme working conditions, especially if the brakes are often used. Since these shims are usually made of rubber, fiber glass, or steel materials, deterioration and failure are inevitable. Although the natural wear and tear of the shims cannot be avoided, problems and accidents caused by worn-out shims can be prevented by regularly examining them for damage. This will allow you to replace the damaged shims immediately before they compromise the brake assembly's stopping performance. Rubber and fiber glass shims are prone to cracks. For steel-made shims, you need to watch out for scratches, rust, and corrosion.

Clean and lubricate the brake pad shims.

Physical damage and corrosion on the surface of the Hyundai Sonata brake pad shims can actually be avoided with regular cleaning and lubrication. Cleaning is advisable for all brake pad shim materials because this will help remove the unwanted road dirt and debris on their surface. Lubrication or greasing, on the other hand, is best for brake pad shims made of steel. This will prevent the accumulation of rust, and it will also maintain the smooth and normal function of the brake pad shims.

Follow the proper brake pad bedding procedure.

Just like the brake pad shims, the brake-in or bedding procedure for new brake pads is important in maintaining the ideal interaction between the brake pad and the brake rotors. If you follow this process carefully, a good amount of pad material will be deposited on the surface of the brake rotors. This will already reduce noise and vibrations when braking, so the shims no longer need to exert too much effort in performing their job. They just need to reinforce the effects of the prescribed bedding procedure and fill in the remaining discrepancies between the pads and the rotors. Through this, brake pad shims will have longer life spans.

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