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Cadillac Headlight

If your Cadillac were a model from the early days of the automobile, the chances are good, that the only way to illuminate your path at night would have been an oil lantern hanging in front of your windshield. Fortunately, your modern vehicle has evolved far beyond its roots, and the dark road ahead of you can be turned almost to daylight, simply by pulling a knob to activate your Cadillac headlight system. The common Cadillac headlight uses a bulb and a reflector, similar to a flashlight, to guide the light to the road in front of you. It is available with a replaceable bulb or as a sealed beam unit, where the entire assembly must be replaced when the bulb dies. While this system is effective in the basic lighting of the road, a large amount of light is wasted in comparison to the newer projection Cadillac headlight. The projector still uses a bulb and reflector, similar to the other style, but before the light exits the assembly, it is focused through an optical lens. This Cadillac headlight steers the light exactly where it needs to be, which means it actually appears brighter, because less of the light is wasted. This also helps reduce the possibility of momentarily blinding other drivers on the road. No matter which type of Cadillac headlight you have in your vehicle, technology has not changed the fact that the bulb will eventually burn out. When you need to replace it, you will find the perfect bulb for almost any vehicle in our large online catalog, for a great price. You can have your Cadillac headlight shining bright again soon, by placing your order by phone, toll-free, our on our secure web site, at any time.

Cadillac Headlight Models