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Cadillac Shock Absorber And Strut Assembly

Without the suspension system, the ride in your Cadillac would be very rough. Integral to the functioning of the system are the Cadillac shocks. They help the springs to absorb the initial shock as an uneven spot is hit in the road, and they help to slow the motion of the suspension down. These actions help to make the ride comfortable, but another job of the Cadillac shocks is to make the ride safe as well. They help to keep the tires in contact with the ground at all times. With the correct amount of pressure on the ground, the tires will be less likely to slip out of control when accelerating, braking, or turning a corner. The Cadillac shocks also ensure that the wheels can always transfer the power to the ground, which helps in the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Using two chambers in each filled with hydraulic oil, the Cadillac shocks alternately compress each of the chambers until they are back in balance, and that is when the motion of the suspension stops. After many years, you may notice that your vehicle seems to bounce more as it goes over bumps. This could indicate that the Cadillac shocks are nearing failure, and that they should be replaced. We carry the standard Cadillac shocks, for almost any vehicle, in our large online catalog, usually at a much lower price than what the dealership would charge for the similar parts. They are manufactured to the same quality standards, and will provide excellent service for years. Our Cadillac shocks can easily be ordered through our secure web site at any time or by phone, toll-free.