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The Dos and Don'ts when Purchasing a Caliper Cover

Some think that vehicle accessories are placed just for additional style and appearance. But this belief can be proven wrong. A caliper cover is one way to show this. Beyond giving an extra sleek and adventurous look to your ride, the caliper cover also serves as a protective accessory for the brake caliper. Since the caliper is made from metal, it can easily attract corrosive substances and other particles that may lead to damage. But the caliper cover is up to the rescue since it prevents these harmful elements from causing the caliper to fail. Moreover, it can also reduce the temperature of the caliper from the braking process so that overheating can be avoided. Hence, this add-on is really worth its cost. If you want to make a purchase, these things can help you to select the appropriate caliper cover for your vehicle:


  • Make sure that the caliper cover that you will purchase is available for testing on your actual vehicle. This can ensure that it is compatible with your driving needs.
  • It is better to order a caliper cover with its complete assembly rather than a single unit. The set will include the fastening materials that are specifically made to guarantee a secure installation.
  • You must be alert upon the different types of caliper covers that are offered in the automotive market. It is recommended to pick a product that is legally manufactured in the United States. For this matter, you must verify the product number to ensure that it follows strict regulations.
  • Pick a caliper cover that is easy to be installed, or one that can be directly fit on your vehicle. This can save time and energy upon the process. It is advisable to get the installation manual alongside the product you will be choosing so that you will have a guide while securing it.


  • DON'T buy a caliper cover that requires modification during the installation process. Keep in mind that the product you must select is easy to be fit on your ride.
  • DON'T purchase a substandard class of caliper cover just because of its low pricing. Make sure that the materials in which the caliper cover is made of is high-class and durable. There are reliable steel variants and decorative plastic types depending on your driving needs.

How to Install Caliper Cover

Tough, sleek, and reliable - these perfectly describe your caliper cover. This vehicle add-on is attached on the caliper in order to provide protection and style at the same time. The brake caliper is very susceptible to rust and corrosion, so the caliper cover helps this situation to be prevented. It shields brake dust from the braking process that may get stuck on the caliper so that area can still look presentable and dirt-free. In addition, your caliper cover follows the natural design of your vehicle, so it adds up to its overall style. This accessory is quite simple to be installed, so you can do the installation process by yourself. Here are the steps that can help you to achieve an efficient installation of the caliper cover:

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you'll need:

  • jack stands
  • stainless steel clips
  • wrench
  • socket
  • screwdriver
  • tape measure

Step 1: Lift your vehicle using jack stands in order to install the caliper cover efficiently. This can also ensure your safety throughout the process.

Step 2: Ensure that there is enough clearance between the rear part of the wheel and the front area of the caliper so that they will not interfere with the proper installation of the caliper cover. For this matter, the distance between them should be 1/8 inch.

Step 3: Once the clearance is already settled, you may now place your caliper cover over the brake caliper. Make sure that your caliper cover is centered all over the front area. Its bridges should also be placed snugly against the bracket of the brake caliper.

Step 4: In order to secure your caliper cover, use stainless steel clips over the bridges and the brackets. Moreover, you must slide the locknuts provided with your caliper cover to fasten the stainless steel clips. Use the appropriate materials such as a wrench or socket for tightening.

Step 5: Carefully lower your vehicle upon removal of the jack stands.

Step 6: Test the wheel by spinning it in order to ensure that your caliper cover is installed properly before driving your vehicle.

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