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The front-end of your Buick is especially susceptible to damage from small stones that are kicked up by the cars that are ahead of you on the road. There are many products available, however, such as the Buick car bra from our online catalog, which can help keep your vehicle looking as great as the day it was purchased. When it is installed, this product provides a barrier between the finish of your vehicle and the many hazards that are located on the road. The Buick car bra is made of thick vinyl, so that when a rock hits it, it cushions the impact, and diverts it safely away from your vehicle. The unit is custom-fit to the shape of your vehicle. The Buick car bra has a mesh section over the grille, so that the proper amount of air enters the engine compartment for combustion and cooling. Clear windows allow the light from your headlights and signal lamps to pass through, without reducing the ability of the lights to function. Using a unique set of fasteners, including snaps and hooks and loop tape, the Buick car bra can be installed in a matter of minutes. It comes in a standard black color, which will look great with any vehicle. When it must be removed, the process takes minutes, and you will find that the finish below is still perfect. The Buick car bra will protect your vehicle for years, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. You can order the Buick car bra by visiting our secure web site, or by phone, toll-free, and with our quick shipping, it will arrive soon.

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August 18, 2020
Buick Lineup Goes Full-SUV with Regal Exit in North AmericaA spokesperson for GM has also confirmed the discontinuation of the two models in Russelsheim, Germany, but clarified that there is enough supply of five-door hatchbacks and lifted wagons to pull the brand through for the rest of the year.
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