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The road can be a very dangerous place for the finish on the front end of your Cadillac, with all sorts of stones and other road debris being strewn towards it. If you would like to preserve your expensive finish, consider installing the Cadillac car bra. Our online catalog has the Cadillac car bra for many different models, at a great price. It is a vinyl cover that fits perfectly over the bumper, grille, lights, and a portion of the hood of your vehicle. Because the Cadillac car bra is extremely thick, the force of any small items that hit it will be completely absorbed, and not even a slight mark will be left on the finish underneath. It is custom fit to your vehicle and it has provisions to accommodate the lights and the grille. To allow the correct amount of air into the engine compartment, the unit uses a center portion that is made out of mesh. In order for the lights to remain unobstructed, the Cadillac car bra incorporates widows that follow the outline of the lights perfectly. It takes less than half an hour to install the system. Simply slip the Cadillac car bra over the front of your vehicle, according to the included instructions, and fasten it with the built-in fasteners. No modifications are required to install it, and it takes only minutes to remove it, if necessary. Once you take the Cadillac car bra back off, you will find that the finish below it has been perfectly preserved. When you are ready to order the Cadillac car bra for your vehicle, the process can be completed on our secure web site, or by phone, toll-free.

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