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Any scratches on the surface of your Toyota can decrease the final resale value, but there are many products on the market that can help you to protect it. The most vulnerable area is the area near the grille and the front part of the hood, but the Toyota car bra is uniquely designed to address this area. It provides a barrier of thick vinyl between the finish on the front of the car and the various pebbles and other debris that may fly at your vehicle while on the road. When an item strikes the Toyota car bra, it will simply be deflected off the surface. The unit is designed to be a perfect fit for your car, and provides windows for the lights, as well as a screened area, to provide proper airflow into the grille. The installation of the Toyota car bra will take less than ten minutes, and it requires few, if any, tools to complete. An assortment of clips and snaps allow the unit to be attached without any modifications to the vehicle itself. Made from superior materials, the Toyota car bra will stand up to damage from the sun, extreme temperatures, and any precipitation. When your Toyota car cover needs to be removed, it will take very little time, and the paint beneath will be in beautiful condition. Also available in our online catalog is a full selection of other accessories designed to keep your vehicle looking great, as well as a full assortment of performance and replacement parts to help you repair it. As with all of our parts and accessories, ordering your Toyota car bra is safe and simple, whether you order online or with our toll-free telephone number and we'll ship your Toyota car bra, via ground shipping, free of charge, as we do with all orders over $50.

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