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How to Troubleshoot Toyota Fj Cruiser Car Bra Problems

The Toyota FJ Cruiser car bra is designed to protect the edge of the hood and the front bumper, that is, if it is used correctly. All too often, car owners forget that it should not be left attached onto the vehicle for a very long time and should only be used as an added layer of protection during long trips or when the car is more prone to scratches, nicks, and dents, caused by rocks, pebbles, and even insects. If you are beginning to see some problems with your car bra as well as the finish of the vehicle's front end, here's how to troubleshoot them:

Loose car bra or car bra no longer fits correctly

Over time, car bra loses its original form and start to sag. At this point, any adjustment will not work. Sometimes, a loose car bra begins to flap while driving, causing paint damage. Also, a lo0se car bra allows water and moisture to penetrate underneath it and into the finish, resulting to permanent water damage. Change your car bra right away to prevent further damage. Apply car wax on areas affected by water damage.

The surface covered by the car bra begins to get cloudy

This thing is enough to freak out most car owners using a car bra, but there's a fix to this. First, to prevent this from happening, make sure that you remove the car bra from your FJ at the end of the day. A moist car bra will definitely ruin your vehicle's finish. Now, the fix: remove the car bra and leave the vehicle under the sun or use a heat gun or hair dryer to remove the "clouding." If the damage is far worse, try car wash or rubbing compound. If either doesn't work, repainting is the only option.

Cracks on car bra surface

Classic car bras are made of quality vinyl for durability and resilience. They don't easily get cracked or damaged. But if they do, chances are, they have been subjected to abuse and, in most cases, improper maintenance. There's nothing much you can do with the existing damage, but you can prevent further damage by properly cleaning and storing your car bra. Do not fold or store your car bra if it is not yet completely clean.

Toyota Fj Cruiser Car Bra Maintenance and Care Guide

Toyota Fj Cruiser car bra is designed to protect the front end of your car from scratches, stains, dents, and nicks caused by pebbles, rocks, sand, and insects that your vehicle's front end faces as it barrels down the highway. And since car bra is the most vulnerable part of your vehicle, it needs care and proper maintenance. Here are ways to protect the accessory that protects your vehicle's front end:

Remove your car bra after driving.

A car bra only serves its purpose when you are driving, so if you are already done for the night, remove the car bra, regardless of how tired you are. Leaving your car bra on your vehicle overnight can cause irreversible paint damage you'll regret. This can happen because of the moisture and dirt trapped in between your car bra and the surface of your car.

Do not store a wet or moist car bra.

To keep your Toyota Fj Cruiser car bra in good shape, store it after it has completely dried. Also, don't store the bra without cleaning it first. Soak it in warm soapy water for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse until all the soap is removed. Let it dry completely before storing it in your garage.

Do not use a car bra that doesn't fit correctly.

Instead of protecting your vehicle's front end, a car bra that does not fit well can do more damage than good. Debris and water to get trapped can get trapped in the spaces in between the car bra and the surface of the car. This can cause paint discoloration and even rust. If the car bra is flapping as you drive down the road, the vibration creates scratches and dents.

Clean the underside of the bra before and after use.

Yes, your car bra has been washed, but to make sure that there is no dust in the underside of the bra that can scratch your vehicle's finish, shake any dirt out before installation. Do the same before washing the car bra after use.

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