NV Distribution Center: Operations Manager

Posted 1 month ago

Las Vegas, NV

This position will manage the warehouse operations to ensure 100% service levels (within agreed parameters of time, cost & quality) to customers while complying with standard operating procedures, health & safety guidelines, quality standards, improving operations and managing staff.

The Operations Manager will have responsibility for a shift or function in the NV DC.

  • Reviews incoming and outgoing shipments;
  • Monitors warehouse workers and associated activities; offers assistance to those with concerns or problems on the work floor;
  • Ensures that products delivered are stored in an organized manner, so that its quality is maintained and accessibility is achieved;
  • Creates a layout plan that streamlines the storage and retrieval of goods;
  • Implements worker safety and health regulations;
  • Plans projects and sets objectives for the employees to meet;
  • Responds to orders efficiently so that products are delivered in a timely and accurate manner;
  • Coordinates with managers or customers regarding discrepancies and errors in the supply chain process;
  • Addresses logistical problems and furnishes solutions to these issues;
  • Meets with other managers to confer about products, shipping times, and distribution issues, among many other concerns;
  • Improves business by enhancing systems;
  • Creates new supply strategies.


Bachelor’s degree preferred


  • Above average speaking, writing, and listening skills;
  • Critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning abilities;
  • Management skills;
  • Customer service skills;
  • Production process know-how.

Technical Skills

The distribution center manager should possess technical skills in order to hasten the warehouse logistics processes. The distribution manager should be well-versed with supply chain, inventory management, material requirement and planning, and project management programs.

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Job Features

LocationLas Vegas, NV
TitleOperations Manager for NV Distribution Center
DepartmentWarehouse Operations
Reports ToDirector of Operations for NV Distribution Center
FLSA StatusExempt

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