VA Distribution Center: Shipping Clerk

Posted 3 weeks ago

Chesapeake, VA

The above noted job description is not intended to describe, in detail, the multitude of tasks that may be assigned but rather to give the incumbent a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations of his/her position. As the nature of business demands change so, too, may the essential functions of this position.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Generate and monitors the pending orders report on a daily basis.
  2. Coordinates with pickers and packers to prioritize the pending orders.
  3. Answering emails to Customer Service Department.
  4. Performs other clerical tasks.
  5. Confers with Receiving Department concerning misplaced or missing parts for pending orders..

Consolidating Personnel:

  1. Consolidate parts from drop zone to bin on occasional basis.


  1. Trains personnel on packing orders on occasional basis.
  2. Helps in packing orders on occasional basis.

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Job Features

LocationChesapeake, VA
TitleShipping Clerk
Reports ToShipping Manager or Supervisor
FLSA StatusNon-Exempt

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