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Identifying the Factors that Ruin Your Chevrolet Tahoe Carpet

Your Chevrolet Tahoe carpet provides a number of benefits to your vehicle. First and foremost, it offers excellent thermal resistance during cold seasons. Second, it adds beauty and style to your car's interior. Third, it reduces noise by absorbing mechanical vibrations caused by the car's motion. But all of these benefits will be gone if your carpet gets ruined by water or dirt. These factors can definitely destroy your carpet and cost you a lot of cash for repair and replacement. To find out what causes this car component to fail, here are some steps that you should follow:


To get rid of molds and prevent them from coming back, you must identify its source. Mold growth usually begins if you have leaky air conditioners and broken windows. Mold spores are always present in the air. Once they found their way to get inside your vehicle, they can accumulate and multiply on your carpet. Finding mold-infected spots can be a little hard especially if you have a dark-colored carpet. That's why you need to be very keen when looking for signs of mold. It's better if you park your car outside where there's enough sunlight to aid your vision. If you're really not familiar with the task, seek help from a technician.

Bad odor

When your carpet gets wet, you must dry it immediately, or else it will stink. Smelly carpet is not only annoyin. It can also threaten one's health when molds begin to develop. To prevent these problems, remove water and moisture ASAP from your carpet. You should park your car outside the garage where there's enough sunlight and air. Opening your windows and doors lets your carpet "breathe" for a while. Try using your hair dryer on extremely wet spots to dry them faster.


Soiling makes your carpet look dull and dirty. It happens when dirt and dust particles in the air lodge and accumulate into the fine fibers of your carpet. But with proper and regular cleaning, you can save your carpet from soiling. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, it would be easier for you maintain your carpet since washing would no longer be necessary.

The Seven Rules of Carpet Care

Do you know that it is possible for your Chevrolet Tahoe carpet to last your vehicle's lifetime? With proper care and maintenance, your carpet can remain intact and fine looking for years. Read and follow these rules and tips on how to preserve your automotive carpet's tip-top condition:

Vacuum frequently.

The major cause of carpet wear is dirt. When dust and soil debris accumulate, your carpet will look old and dingy. That's why regular vacuuming is important in keeping the original color of the carpet. It's best to use a cleaner with rotating brush, because it deeply penetrates to remove stuck dirt.

Remove stains ASAP.

It's very important to remove carpet stains immediately. If possible, clean it within the day. Remember that the longer the stain stays on the carpet, the harder it gets to remove. For stubborn stains, use cleaning chemicals or detergents. Avoid using products that contain bleach if you have colored carpets.

Go for steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the most recommended method of removing dirt from your carpet. Through this, you can eliminate lodged and accumulated dirt and extract 100% of water from the carpet. This will prevent your carpet from smelling foul.

Use color-care cleaners and detergents.

Not all carpets are the same. Some have really sensitive fibers, so you have to be very careful when applying detergents. Test the product first by putting a little amount of it on a small spot on the carpet. When the carpet changes color, you should try another type of cleaner.

Avoid using coat or carpet protector.

Carpet protectors can be a little tricky. They don't actually protect the fibers of your carpet. Instead, they tend to glue in the dirt. It's better to leave the carpet as it is to prevent dirt buildup.

Never scrub the stain off.

The proper way to remove spot stains is blotting, not scrubbing. Start blotting from the edge of the stain, and work your way to the center. Tamp the stain with a clean cloth. This way, the stain won't spread onto other parts of the carpet.

Do not poke loose fibers.

In some occasions, you'll see some fibers poking above the carpet's surface. Instead of pulling them out, get a pair of scissors and cut them so you won't damage the other carpet threads.

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