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Ford Falcon Carpet Troubleshooting

Your Ford Falcon is an instant classic as it sports that stylish muscle car look and feel. And with a gem like this, you'll want to keep it looking fresh both inside and out. To help you achieve this, you'll want to make sure your carpet is in good condition. So here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you take better care of your Ford Falcon carpet


Stains are the number one enemy of your carpet, and the problem is that they can be caused by a number of substances. Coffee, soda, sweat, mud, water, vomit, ink-you name it, and it's probably found its way onto your carpet by now. These stains can be quite unsightly, so be sure to get rid of them as soon as possible. Remember, though, that certain stains require specific removal methods, so be sure to do your homework before getting started.


No, not the ones you cry, but the ones that make your ride look like a dump. Your carpet is bound to get worn out after some time-particularly in the driver's side-most especially if you don't have quality floor mats. A ripped or torn carpet is sure to make your ride's interior look rundown, so see to it that you attend to these problems right away.

Loose fitting

Sometimes your carpet is in good condition but isn't properly tucked into the seams of your panels. When this happens, it becomes prone to damage and even harvests dirt and debris underneath it. Often times, a carpet won't really come loose unless you've made new installations in the cabin that required carpet removal. So if you weren't able to securely return the carpet to its proper position, then it's never too late to try again.


Imagine stepping into your ride and smelling something between raw garbage and rotten cafeteria food; roll the windows down now, please! Unfortunately, these ghastly odors are coming from your carpet and are the result of a mixture of moisture, dirt, and heaven knows what else. So if you notice unwanted smells in your auto, then be sure to thoroughly clean your carpet using the necessary substances and materials.

Ford Falcon Carpet Maintenance

Maintaining your Ford Falcon carpet can be a simple and worthwhile endeavor; just make sure you're doing it right. So here are some basic carpet maintenance tips for your convenience.

Remove odors.

In order to clean your carpet and remove it of unwanted odors; you're going to need some carpet shampoo. If your carpet is removable, then that would make your job a little bit easier. Remove your carpet and clear it of debris using brushes and a vacuum. Afterwards, pour carpet shampoo and scrub it vigorously over the carpet. After cleaning the shampoo off and leaving the carpet to dry, sprinkle some baking soda on it to alleviate any other bad smells. For odor-causing stains, use a mixture of vinegar and diluted hydrogen peroxide to clean it out. For greasy stains that promote the growth of bacteria that release stinky odors, use precuts that contain bio-enzymes.

Remove stains.

Unsightly stains can ruin the look of your interior, so it's best to clean them out using the best methods possible. You can start with the most basic cleaner, soap and water, for non-greasy stains. Greasy stains, on the other hand, like crayons, lipstick, or shoe polish, should be treated with a solvent cleaner. Do your research before tackling a certain stain in order to guarantee that you don't make it worse.

Be conscious of what you take into your vehicle.

Don't take your muddy boost into the car unless you're ready to clean the gunk off your carpet once you get home. In addition to that, drinking and eating while driving is highly discouraged simply because doing so can be very distracting. But you should also avoid doing this because spilt food or drinks can cause stains on your carpet. So be sure to think twice before getting into your ride and you'll surely preserve the condition of your carpet better.

Buy floor mats.

This is a no-brainer when it comes to carpet maintenance. The main function of auto floor mats is to preserve the condition of the carpet, so why not invest in high-quality mats? These accessories should catch dirt and debris and even absorb moisture, keeping your carpet stain free. Plus, mats are typically designed to be easy to clean, so you won't have to worry about lingering odors in your ride.

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