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Keeping the floor pan of your Honda CRV protected from damages is the carefully woven fabric of the carpet. Honda CRV carpet lines the entire flooring of this vehicle baring no evidence of the floor pan metal construction to the eyes of the passengers. The carpet is spread out all throughout the floor pan of the vehicle and the thickness is enough to make the passengers oblivious to the real scenario underneath. Automotive carpet is similar with other conventional carpeting found on the houses and structural buildings. It is a multi-layering composite that usually uses polypropylene for backing and with nylon yarn tucked into it while latex is used for the covering.

Carpet is one of the factors why the atmosphere inside the vehicle becomes luxurious and warm. This amenity of the vehicle helps a good deal to make the occupants feel comfortable and relaxed all throughout the drive. If without the carpet and the whole construction of the floor pan is visibly naked, all that the occupants could feel is uneasiness and awkwardness. And most distressing of all, there would not be any barrier to the heat coming from the engine under the hood of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the carpet sets the mood of the whole theme of the vehicle that's why integration of the color is well-coordinated with the rest of the Honda CRV interior parts. Its fabric color is usually the same with the car seats, car upholstery, and other carpet/fabric-clothed parts of the vehicle interior to set the theme. This is why the owners of the vehicles are careful not to damage the fabric as just a minimal stain can spoil the whole impression of the interior. Mostly, they employ the use of floor mats in order to catch the spills, stains, liquids and other form of dirt before it could directly harm the carpet.

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