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Mazda 626 Center Cap

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Mazda 626 Center Cap Guides

The wheels are one of the first things that people notice in your Mazda 626. And being the only vehicle part that comes in contact with the road, the wheels are also among the most important component your car can't live without. Just like spoilers and other car accessories, wheels can be some of the most affordable and effective ways to enhance the appearance of your Mazda 626 vehicle. Replacing your Mazda 626 wheels can turn your car into an amazing work of art for a very reasonable cost.

And of all the exterior accessories, your Mazda 626 wheels and its other components such as Mazda 626 wheel caps are some of the easiest to install and uninstall. The wheel cap or wheelcover is a plastic or metal covering attached onto a plain wheel to dress it up and add zing to its looks. As wheels come in different finishes and styles, wheel caps are also available in various styles to help you achieve the look that you want for your vehicle. Most wheel caps feature chrome, polished or painted finish.

Wheel caps can cause wheels to squeak when driving, so if you don't want this to happen, replace your defective and malfunctioning wheel caps with new and high quality replacements. There are some steps that can be followed to make your Mazda wheel caps installation easier. First, determine how your wheel caps are mounted to the car. There are wheel caps that are screw-on and off and pop-on and off types while some are held and supported by the wheel lug nuts, which need to be remove first before putting on or taking off the wheel caps.

If your Mazda received screw-on type wheel caps, make sure to remove the screw that holds the wheel cap. These screws may be under a small plastic which you can gently pry off with a screw driver. After removing the screws, dismount the old wheel cap and install the replacement unit on the wheel. Then, reattach the hold-down screw to your new Mazda 626 wheel caps.

However, if your Mazda 626 features the push-on type, you can detach it by prying around the rim with a screwdriver. Then, push on the replacement wheel cap and slowly tap around the rim until such moment when wheel cap stays on by itself. To be sure that your Mazda 626 wheel caps are snugly fitted, you can hammer them with a rubber mallet. But never use a regular hammer in your installation because it can surely dent your Mazda 626 wheel cap.

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