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Simple Tips in Buying a Clutch Slave Repair Kit

Owning a car can be very expensive and tiresome. There are numerous parts that can affect the performance of the car no matter how big or small they are. One good example is the clutch slave cylinder. A leaking cylinder can cause problems in switching gear and can even snowball into complete loss of control. Good thing is that you need not jump into replacing the cylinder as a whole. This can cost up to $60 without the installation expenses. You can simply purchase a $6 clutch slave repair kit and do the rebuild on your own. However, before buying the repair kit, there are some things you ought to know.

To buy in bulk

A good cost-efficient technique that you can try is to buy the clutch slave repair kit in bulk. Clutch slave repair kits are very small packages that cost a minimum of $6 per set. However, if you buy in 30 sets or so, you can save a lot of dollars as each set will cost only for a dollar or a bit more. Also, you will never know when you-or a friend-will be needing to rebuild your clutch slave cylinder next. This can be a good way to buy especially if you need to rebuild immediately the next time.

The complete deal

Since the clutch slave repair kit comes in sets, it is composed of different parts that will replace some components in the slave cylinder. If you decide to buy the set for your vehicle, make sure it is complete. A good set is composed of some of the most dispensable parts in the clutch slave cylinder: the piston, the spring, the dust cap, and the grommet. You will see other sets containing less than these parts for lower cost. However, since you will be opening the cylinder body when you do the rebuild, might as well replace all the parts that you can in just one operation.

Rebuilding with a Clutch Slave Repair Kit

Many car owners opt to have their clutch slave cylinders rebuilt instead of replacing it altogether. This is because of the large cost difference in buying a brand new clutch slave cylinder with purchasing just the repair kit. More so, doing the rebuild is not a tiresome job as many suspect. It can be done in less than two hours. Following are the easy steps in rebuilding with a clutch slave repair kit.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools required:

  • Brake cleaner
  • Brake fluid
  • Drain pan
  • Jack lift
  • Jack stands
  • Plastic tube
  • Ratchet and socket sets
  • Snap ring pliers
  • Wrench set

Step 1: Prepare all the tools and supplies needed.

Step 2: Park the vehicle on a level driveway.

Step 3: Stop the engine and set the gear on parking.

Step 4: Using a jack lift, raise the front part of the car.

Step 5: Secure the position of the vehicle with jack stands.

Step 6: Pop the hood of the car.

Step 7: Locate the clutch slave cylinder.

Step 8: Remove the parts that are in the way of working on the clutch cylinder. Parts may vary from make and model. Other cars require removing the battery, air filter, intake bubble, and rear turbo supply tube.

Step 9: Set a drain pan below the clutch slave cylinder.

Step 10: With the use of the wrench, free the clutch slave cylinder from the hydraulic line.

Step 11: Let the brake fluid leak into the drain pan set below.

Step 12: Using the ratchet and socket sets, remove the bolts that fasten the clutch slave cylinder to the transmission.

Step 13: Once the bolts are loose, remove the cylinder with the push rod.

Step 14: Go to a comfortable area to work on the rebuild of the clutch slave cylinder.

Step 15: Pull the rod from the dust cover end of the clutch slave cylinder.

Step 16: Separate the dust cover from the cylinder body.

Step 17: Spray the clutch slave cylinder with brake cleaner.

Step 18: With the snap ring pliers, remove the snap ring in the end of the cylinder.

Step 19: Once the snap ring breaks loose, take out the plunger, rubber seal, and spring.

Step 20: Clean the inside of cylinder body with brake cleaner.

Step 21: Once dry, check the inside of the clutch slave cylinder. If there is pitting, it is advised to buy a new clutch slave cylinder to avoid further problems.

Step 22: Again, spray brake cleaner inside the cylinder.

Step 23: With the brake fluid, lubricate the new seal.

Step 24: Insert the new seal and spring into the cylinder body. Note that the flat side of the seal should face outward.

Step 25: Push the plunger far enough into the cylinder body to allow the snap ring to be installed into its groove.

Step 26: Put the new cover dust at the end of the clutch slave cylinder.

Step 27: Lastly, slide the push rod into the hole in the dust cover.

Step 28: Go back to the vehicle and install the clutch slave cylinder into the transmission while setting the push rod against the bearing arm.

Step 29: Replace the hydraulic line tightly into the clutch slave cylinder.

Step 30: Have the clutch slave cylinder bleed to let air exit.

Step 31: Replace the parts removed to access the clutch slave cylinder. Make sure the bolts are fastened firmly.

Step 32: Close the hood properly.

Step 33: Lower the vehicle.

Step 34: Test the vehicle and note the difference when stepping on the clutch pedal.

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