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Colgan Custom Bras: Give Your Car the Extra Protection It Deserves

Colgan is a make of the Colgan custom bra, a type of customized automotive modification used to protect the hood of your car. For the first couple of years, the company only made hood bras for Porsche vehicles. As orders increased, the business decided to cater to other makes and models of cars. This soon turned into an automotive bra empire for all sorts of different vehicles.

Indeed, it isn't only women that need bras. Vehicles like cars and trucks also depend on Colgan custom bras in order to enjoy maximum hood protection every time. The company has whole lines of bras for vans, trucks, and cars. The Colgan Custom Bra Company offers a myriad of vinyl or carbon fiber bras for protection of automobiles such as jeeps, Mercedes cars, BMWs, sports cars like the Porsche, and so forth.

The classic original bra

The prototypical covercraft auto bra from Colgan has loads of specs, features, and benefits to spare. These hood-protecting auto bras won't hoodwink you with low-grade offerings because they possess pioneering properties that put Colgan on the map, such as its double padding on critical areas of your vehicle, thusly protecting its finish and prevents possible wear-through of the automobile in question. Choose between the crushed embossed or carbon fiber embossed vinyl variants of this bra.

Furthermore, this auto bra also offers maximum protection through its 25-ounce flannel-backed vinyl with exclusive memory fit properties and ultraviolet-resistant top coat. The original Colgan bra that helped build the Colgan Company also stands out from other custom additions with its top/double stitch that delivers a better, chassis-hugging fit to the bra, strengthening it and making it more detailed in appearance.

The powerful sport bra

Just like a woman's sport bra, the Colgan sport bra (also with crushed embossed or carbon viber variants) for automobile usage delivers firmer support and protection for more rugged activities. It has all the bells and whistles of the original bra, from its flannel-backed vinyl and double padding to its super-soft flannel backing and vinyl-coated "S" hooks. However, this time around, this automotive bra wonder is better fitted to vans, 4WDs, and SUVs rather than your regular city roadster.

Thusly, the covercraft's dimensions and designs have been thusly altered. The bra has no loose parts, everything is reinforced, the hooks are pre-bent, and installation is quite easy and requires little to no tools to attach to your typical big sports utility vans and its much wider frame or taller roof. Also, unlike other less secure sports bras, this auto bra doesn't make use of Velcro hooks. This makes for a more seamless look, like the bra came with the van.

The all-encompassing full bra

As for the Colgan custom full bra, it shares many of the properties of the original and sports Colgan bra. However, this iteration of the bra offerings of Colgan is much fuller and covers more area compared to its classic and sporty counterparts. It has a multi-piece design, wherein you can open the hood, turn on your headlights, and activate your wipers with the bra not interfering with any of these actions.

The bra remains in place no matter what you open or turn on. This covercraft product fits the individual sections of your vehicle chassis, thusly they allow for more coverage and flexibility as well as protection without hampering the function of your vehicle. It's like it's not even there except where it counts. It's also available in crush embossed or carbon fiber embossed vinyl.

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