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Your Guide to Finding the Right Contractor Rack for Your Automobile

Contractor racks for vehicles (specifically trucks and vans), also known as carriers, are available in all shapes and sizes. Contractor racks are particularly handy for work in construction sites and farms, such that you don't necessarily need a ten-wheeler cargo truck with a long trailer to haul all sorts of material to and fro a specific area. Finding the right one can be a hassle unless you know what specifically to search for.

Specs and Factors to Look Out For

There are a number of benefits and considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the right contractor rack or ladder carriers, and they include the following.

  1. Types of Truck Racks: There are certain types of racks that can go with your truck. There's the ladder rack that's the most common design and allows you to carry gear over the cab and truck bed to maximize your capacity. Hauler racks, on the other hand, is a pickup bed rack equipped with a camper shell or bed rack. Tonneau cover racks offer weather protection and allows you to haul extra gear.
  2. Types of Van Racks: You can also get van racks for your van. There are versions of the ladder and cargo rack that allow for use with the typical van. They mount to the roof of the van instead of a truck bed (since vans lack those) in order to offer you a roof-side place to carry your lumber, ladders, luggage, and furniture. Just watch out for the maximum headroom of any given bridge or driveway when placing your haul or shipment on such racks. These racks can be bolted to your roof or temporarily attached to the drip wells depending on your needs.
  3. Hauling Large Items with Your Truck Rack: Your cargo van or truck allows you to haul quite a lot of loads, like equipment and materials, without a rack. However, by buying the right rack you should be able to haul cargo that's usually too big to fit. For example, you can avoid dangling a ladder around over your truck bed with extra rack support.
  4. Maximizing Your Cargo Space: When searching for the right contractor rack for you, it's important to acquire one that's able to maximize your cargo space so that you don't end up with dangling two-by-fours at your van's rear bumper or dangling parts over your truck bed. By strapping an overhead truck rack, you'll be able to stow cargo like pipes and lumber over your automobile with ease.
  5. Getting the Right Fit: You should search for contractor racks that are a perfect fit for your van or truck. It's the rack's job to virtually double your cargo space. However, not all racks can universally fit just any van or truck. You need to know the make, model, year, and vehicle type (truck or van) of your automobile to get the right kind and size of rack for it.

The Bottom Line

A truck or a van will suffice in ensuring that your cargo is safe thanks to the addition of a contractor rack on top of it. The racks essentially secure and protect whatever load you're hauling with your truck so that they don't accidentally fall off of your truck. No need to hire a moving company every time you want something hauled around at long distances. Some vehicles even come complete with such a rack from the beginning; they come with the automobile.

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