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Converting your Ford Focus into sportier and livelier vehicle is not very difficult of you consider Ford Focus clear corners on you list. As lights make stunning effect on a vehicle it is certain that projecting a good and well-visible lights could bring out the image you have always wanted.

Clear Corners are set of replacement lights that could be installed in the place of the front and rear turn signal lights. At the front, clear corners could be installed beside the headlights and/or the bumper. At the rear, clear corners usually replace the while tail light assembly.

Installing clear corners is simple task. With tools such as wrench and Phillips screwdriver you can replace your conventional turn signal lights in to clear corners in under 20 minutes.

Procedures would include locating the two bolts securing the stock lenses. Unscrew them with wrench. Do not remove the bolts yet. Push in on the two tabs from underneath the car, removing the lights from the bumper. Remove the lights and wire by twisting it counterclockwise. Pull out the existing light bulb and replace it with clear corners. Place the assembly back to see the effect.

Conventional lights may seem boring and lifeless, especially when all other vehicles posses the same yellow, white and red combination lights on their heads and tails. Be bold. Be different. Replace your lights with clear corners.

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