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Making Your Vehicle More Off-Road Worthy with a Differential Lock Kit

Off-road vehicles are popular because they can take you to places where cars can't go to. There, you will encounter harsh and uneven terrains that be a pretty challenging feat to the uninitiated. This will be a test even for vehicles that are not set up properly. Open differentials have the tendency to direct most of the power to the wheel that has less grip. This is why parts like the differential lock kit are made to help off-road rides accomplish this feat. Here are some tips on picking one.

A better alternative to the other differential lay-outs during off-road pursuits

For hardcore 4x4 enthusiasts, the only way to get the full off-road experience is getting the suitable differential for the trip. Limited slip differentials are more commonly used on vehicles that run on the road and enjoy trips on the light trail once in a while. They are useful because of their ability to distribute the power to the wheels that need it. Limited slip differentials work by dividing the energy in a 60:30 ratio. That means both wheels in the axle will be able to turn regardless of the friction acting against it. This is used even for cars like the Camaro and Firebird. It gives these cars enough grip on the road and can help you maneuver it better in hairy situations.

However, a limited slip differential might not be enough if you are up against rocks, steep mountain ascents and river crossings. This is where the differential lock kit comes to play. When lockers are used, it provides an equal distribution of power among your wheels. This means that both wheels in the axle will work in sync with each other. It gives your vehicle the ability to crawl more consistently and be stable in tricky terrains. The problem with the vacuum system that comes from the production line is they can sometimes be unreliable. Aftermarket differential lock kits can be the right solution for that. Brands like ARB and TJM Equipped are known for their reliability on the trail. Switching to these brands might be a little bit on the expensive side but we are sure that you will have less trouble on the trail after the replacement.

Compatibility with your vehicle

To make sure that the differential lock will work to your advantage, you have to check its compatibility with your vehicle. During your search, do not forget to narrow down you search by using the following details: year, make, model and trim. This can also determine the extent of the modification needed to be done to your vehicle before a new locker can be integrated. Further on, you will also have to know which axle will be getting the replacement. There are differences with the design of the lockers for the front and rear.

Price and package

Before you commit to one product, you should have at least browsed all of the selection for your vehicle. Evaluate its brand, price tag and other value added services to make sure you get the best buy. This includes warranties and shipments. This can be beneficial to you in the short and long term plans.

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