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The Audi door handle is a vehicle necessity that is very often taken for granted, as it reliably serves its purpose for years, used thousands of times to enter and exit the vehicle without a problem. However, with the accumulation of wear and tear, the Audi door handle can eventually fail, leaving you to climb awkwardly over the shifter to exit through the passenger side. A common point for failure in the inside Audi door handle is the spring that provides tension in the handle and connects to the latching system inside the vehicle door. If this spring breaks or comes loose from its position the Audi door handle can be left hanging loosely with no tension or ability to trigger the latch and open the vehicle door. If the Audi door handle is not engaging the latch mechanism well, making it necessary to pull sharply on the handle to open the door, this could be a sign of wear in the inside Audi door handle that may cause it to fail. The outside Audi door handle tends to take more punishment the one that is kept out of the elements, safe in the interior of the vehicle. The outer Audi door handle is subject to the cold of winter, frozen by ice and snow. The moisture of summer rain and the extreme heat of the sun beating down are hard on the Audi door handle as well. The workings and mountings of the Audi door handle can be affected by corrosion causing it to become loose or weakened. We carry a selection of Audi door handle replacements in our online catalog at great prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Audi door handle safe and easy or our toll-free phone live is available for your convenience.

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