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An automotive door is perhaps one of the busiest parts of any vehicle that has it. Why? It is because drivers and passengers are ought to use it every time they get in and go out and sometimes if you put something in or out of a vehicle. But actually, the door handle is what really gets busy all the time. Door handles such as the Buick Regal door handle are used to open the door. As compared to a household door's door knobs, they are referred to as the door handles of an automobile.

These door handles are used as a way to release the door latch or fastener. The whole system works by the mating of the handle with a toothed wheel at the side panel of the door which is also known as the rotor. When the door is closed, one of the teeth contacts the striker and causes the rotor to turn one tooth, and if the door is completely closed, the rotor engages with the striker. The door can't open because the rotor is locked. When you unlock the door, the rotor can rotate and the door opens.

Using such door handles everyday can lead to its deterioration. Sometimes, due to hard banging of the door or heavy pulling of the handles, they result to being jammed or busted. The teeth or the rotors get stuck or sometimes misaligns, or in more common situations, door handles break off.

If this happen, it is either you can't go out or get in to your car because your door will not open. This situation is most irritating if you are in hurry, maybe because of a rainfall or emergency, but you can't open your door, neither can you use other doors because they are locked.

Should this happen to you, you must immediately replace your jammed door handles, especially if your vehicle is a Buick Regal to avoid unwanted situations. Lots of auto parts store offer wide array of Buick Regal door handles, but if you have no time to exhaust your downtown stores, you can try using the internet where online auto parts store are readily waiting for you.

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