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Knowing Your Troubled Chevrolet K1500 Door Handle

The door handle of your Chevrolet K1500 is a car part that is usually ignored because of its very simple function: it opens and closes your doors. But if you think about it, it is one of the most used parts in your vehicle, and without it, you would have a much harder time getting inside. To prevent any mishaps in regards to accessing your car, here are the common signs that you should get your door handle fixed or replaced:

Door does not open

If it takes you a frustratingly long time a get your car door open, then it is probably the door handle being broken or jammed. This issue arises usually as a result from a previous accident which involved your car door being hit. It may look as a simple dent from the outside, but remember, inside the car door lies a lot of components and wires that do various functions, such as window control. Force applied to this area could do a lot to the door handle, one of which is a dismantled mechanism. This could come from the small cracks slowly creeping towards the car part, harming it greatly and could eventually remove the mechanism from its proper place.

Door handle barely moves or not at all

Now, if the fault of your door handle is having is that you can barely move the thing, then a part of the door handle is stuck. This situation is caused by two things: one, a complete lack of lubrication; and two, a formation of rust within the car door handle. The first one is simply a maintenance problem, or rather, a lack of it. Most drivers tend to forego checking the situation of the car door handle, focusing a lot of their attention on engine, suspension, and other vital car systems. However, a good driver should take notice of every aspect of the vehicle, even the smallest ones. As for the second issue, that depends on the weather and road conditions you are driving on. Sure, every car part that can rust will rust eventually, but understanding your area of travel will you give a good hint on how fast corrosion takes place, and when to do repairs.

Keeping a Firm Grip on Your Chevrolet K1500 Door Handle

The door handle of your Chevrolet K1500 has one simple job: it opens and closes the door for you. Still, attention and care should be put on it just like any other car part. Leaving it to rust or breakage will cause great frustration for you and anyone who wants to ride your vehicle. So, to help you in keeping it working perfectly, here are a few maintenance tips:

Look for cracks and dislocations.

Always be wary of the structural integrity of your car door, especially around the handle area. Check not just the door handle, but the area surrounding it as well. See if there are any signs of harm done, and if so, take some time to look inside. Sometimes, you could even hear loose parts jiggling inside, and that is also another clear indication that you need to fix your car door handle. Follow the instructions on the manual on how to remove it, as haphazardly taking it out gives you worse problems than what you might have right now. After removal, always put back all the pieces that have been dismantled and if there are cracked or broken pieces, replace those immediately.

Regularly lubricate.

Any dried and rusted component, be it the door handle or any other car part, will always cause trouble and stress for you. Thus, constant and proper lubrication must be done in order to maintain its function. Rust will slowly affect the way your door handle works. If left unchecked, the damage might reach a point where the part would get stuck or worse, the door will not open at all. Be sure to use the right kind of lubrication for your vehicle, and apply it in the correct manner.

Keep door handles clean and spotless.

Sometimes, even the simplest of maintenance procedures do a lot in the long run. Just washing your door handle regularly will do wonders for the part's lifespan and performance. Just remember to never use anything abrasive to rub the part with, as it will brush away the protective coating it has, leaving the door handle even more vulnerable to rust. A clean rag dipped in water and detergent will suffice.

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