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The Common Issues of a Faulty Ford Crown Victoria Door Handle

When the door handle of your Ford Crown Victoria hasn't been replaced for years, it may soon wear down and cause different kinds of problems. Sometimes, it can also malfunction because of misuse when too much force is exerted when lifting the handle. If you start to notice that your car's door handle is acting weird, then you should do some troubleshooting as soon as possible. Here are some of the problems that you might encounter:

Car door won't open or close.

A car door that won't open or close may be caused by two things. The first one is the door can be sagging and the other is your Ford Crown Victoria door handle might be broken. You should inspect the door handle first since it is the easier to check among the two. When you inspect the door handle, you should observe if there's a creaking or rattling sound. It may come from the broken parts of the door handle assembly. Do not pull on the handle too hard or you'll only risk breaking it. You need to remove the parts carefully.

Door handle opens on the outside but not from the inside.

The possible culprits of this problem can be a broken door handle or a broken plastic retainer. When this happens, you should check the door handle mechanism from the plastic retainer that holds the long metal rod all the way to the door handle. You should check if the rod is held tightly by the plastic retainer. If it isn't, then you need to replace the plastic retainer. On the part of the door handle, make sure that the plastic clips are attached properly on the holes of the door handle. Otherwise, the door handle won't hold on to the plastic clips correctly because it's already broken and has to be replaced.

Door handle is hanging loose.

When the door handle of your car is hanging loose, you should check it immediately before it falls off. Fortunately, fixing it is relatively easy, and all you need to use are some garage tools like a screwdriver, pliers, and wrench. You must tighten the loose screws and check if the thread of the screws is still in good condition. Otherwise, you need to replace the old screws with new ones.

Simple Tips on How to Maintain Your Ford Crown Victoria Door Handle

The door handle of your Ford Crown Victoria has to be maintained properly since it's the only part you use when you're entering or stepping out of your vehicle. However, that constant use and abuse can also be the reason why the door handle might become faulty in an instant. Before any sudden problem occurs, you have to make sure that the door handle is always in good condition. To help you do just that, here are some maintenance tips you can easily perform on your car's door handle.

Apply lubricant on the door handle.

Over time, your Ford Crown Victoria door handle may become stiff, and it might get stuck in an open position which makes the door difficult to close. A good tip to avoid this problem is by lubricating the door handle with automotive or lithium grease. Aside from the door handle, you should also apply lubricant on the door hinges because this will also help you to open or close the door of your smoothly. Remember to lubricate the door handle and the hinges once again when you feel that they're starting to become stiff.

Clean the door handle regularly.

Another effective way of maintaining your car's door handle in good condition is by cleaning it regularly. You can easily wash it at the same time you clean your car because all you need are car soap and a soft sponge. Polishing your chrome door handle will protect it from dust while keeping it smooth and shiny. However, you should not use a heavy polish because it may cause the handle's clear coat to deteriorate.

Remove the scratches on the door handle's surface.

Sometimes, your car's door handle gets scratched when your key or rings and bracelets hit its surface. You can use a good type of compound and a microfiber applicator to rub the scratches until they're unnoticeable. To top the compound, you can also use glaze to make the deep scratches less visible. As an additional tip, you should also remove the scratches behind the door handle. A swirl remover and a small pad applicator can do the job. Just make sure that you cover the door handle before applying the swirl remover.

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