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What to Do with a Broken GMC Yukon Door Handle

You open your car's door, but the handle won't budge. You try pulling at it with both your hands, forcing it open with all your strength but to no avail. Then, as you're pulling the door open with all your might, the door handle suddenly disengages-leaving you on the floor with the handle in your hand. In a cartoon show, this scenario would most likely cause infectious laughter among kids. However, in real life, it would only incur frustration and impatience. Simply put, dealing with a broken door handle is no laughing matter. So here are some of the usual causes of a GMC Yukon door handle failure and what to do to fix such problems:

Frozen or stiff door handle

When you find it hard to open your car door or the electronic lock seems stuck, lubricating the door handle might solve the problem. This solution might also work when you're dealing with a stiff door handle that stays up after you open the door. It is commonly advised to use WD-40 in lubricating a car's door handle, but it is actually just a short-term lube. It tends to dissolve factory grease and eventually drains off. As a result, the door handle problem only worsens. Using lithium grease instead of WD-40 would then be more appropriate.

You can also spray lithium grease on door handles, which freeze up during cold weather. Silicone spray might help as well. In addition to that, don't forget to clean the door handle and make sure that the bolts and screws are all secured in place.

Bends and cracks

During inspection, you may find the door handle of your GMC Yukon to be deformed, which causes problems in opening and closing the door. In this case, you would have to remove the handle from the door panel. Also, you may need to fully raise your window to make sure that it won't get damaged during the door handle repair. Assess if the bend on the handle can still be re-formed to its original shape.

If the door handle is cracked, you can fix it up with a glue gun. Allow the glue to heat up and apply it on the broken part. Make sure that the glue has dried and become strong enough to hold the piece before you put the whole unit back in place.

How to Keep Your GMC Yukon Door Handle Looking New

The door handle is a simple device installed in your vehicle. However, its function is undeniably too important to neglect taking care of it. It is pretty obvious that without a properly functioning door handle, you won't be able to conveniently open and close your car door. Also, whoever wants a door handle that looks old and worn out? Definitely, it would ruin the sleek appearance of your GMC Yukon. So whether your GMC Yukon door handle still looks good or it has already been marred by scratches, here are tips on how to restore or keep them well maintained:

Regularly clean the door handle.


If you think that splashing a bucket of water on your door handle is enough for it to be cleaned, then you're mistaken. You need to thoroughly wash it with appropriate cleaning materials, so contaminants can be removed from the surface. It would be best to use pH-balanced car wash soap for cleaning and microfiber towels for drying it.


Clay the door handle's surface to be certain that every trace of impurity will be removed from it. However, if the material of your door handle is not suited for claying, you can simply decontaminate it with a paint cleanser.


Use an orbital buffer or a foam applicator when putting on polishing compound on your door handle. Do this procedure as a finishing touch after you've washed and clayed the handle. Make sure to pay close attention to all areas.

Check its components.

Your door handle consists of different components. When these parts malfunction, it could lead to the whole unit's failure. Check the bolts and screws if they are still in place. Make sure that the cables connected to the handle are all in good condition and there is no corrosion present. Re-grease these cables with spray grease as needed.

Replace damaged door handle.

If your door handle is beyond repair, replace it immediately. Once you have installed the new handle, don't forget to check the door latch assembly. Make sure you clean this area with brake cleaner and lubricate it with grease or engine lube. Then, open and close the door repeatedly to ensure its thorough lubrication, which could help in prolonging the life of your door handles.

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