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DS-891 Door Jamb Switch - Direct Fit, Sold individually
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  • 1995 - 2000 Dodge Avenger All Submodels All Engines
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Location : Front, Driver Or Passenger SideWarranty : 3-year or 36,000-mile Standard limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business dayQuantity Sold : Sold individually
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Dodge Avenger Door Jamb Switch Guides

Identify and Fix Dodge Avenger Door Jamb Switch Troubles

One way to ruin your sporty Dodge Avenger is a bad door jamb switch. The door jamb switch activates the light every time you open your door. It allows you to see and access your vehicle's interior before driving away. When the door jamb switch's small mechanical component malfunctions, the light either flickers or fails to turn on. Familiarize yourself with some Dodge Avenger door jamb switch issues, so you can address them accordingly.

Flickering light

If the light in your Dodge Avenger flickers, then it means your door jamb switch needs adjusting. Older Dodge Avengers have door jamb switches that could be adjusted; however, if you have a vehicle model that's more recent, then the best you can do is to buy a replacement door jamb switch. You can temporarily fix the door jamb switch by wrapping it with an electrical tape just to add thickness.

Light stays on

Another symptom of a maladjusted door jamb switch is when the cabin light stays on even when all your doors are closed. Aside from the lack of privacy while driving, this issue results in your battery draining faster than it should. There are some models that have dome lights that stay on for a few minutes after the doors are already closed. But, if you notice that your light is still on after you've driven more than 10 minutes, then you'd better get a new door jamb switch.

No light

The most obvious sign of a busted door jamb switch is when you open your vehicle door and the light doesn't turn on. The door jamb switch should automatically activate the cabin lights the moment you open a door in your vehicle. If it doesn't, then this means that the grounding of the door jamb switch is stuck and you need to buy a new one.


The moment you suspect that your Dodge Avenger has a broken door jamb switch; take the time to verify which one it is. You have one on the passenger side, one on the driver side, and two on each rear doors. Test all doors by turning off the engine, then open and close each door. The door that does not respond with the light bulb is the one that has a busted door jamb switch.

Avoiding Dodge Avenger Door Jamb Switch Failure

Imagine walking in a dark parking lot to your Dodge Avenger. You open the door but the cabin lights won't turn on. You're stuck in the dark as you scramble to strap your seatbelt on and insert your key on the engine. Spare yourself the stress and prevent this from happening to you. Here are tips on how you can avoid Dodge Avenger door jamb switch failure.

Keep it clean

Since the door jamb switch is not located where our eyes normally fall, it is often overlooked. Simple stuff, like small debris accumulating around it could prevent the door jamb switch from working properly. Keeping your door jamb clean is pretty easy. To get rid of dust and small debris on your door jamb switch, simply dust using a dry 25mm paint brush. Finish cleaning by wiping it down with a damp clean rag or chamois.

Visual and performance inspection

After cleaning your door jamb switch, check its physical conditions. Just like any car part, the door jamb switch is not meant to last forever. Look for signs of wearing. If you see any of your Dodge Avenger door jamb switches showing signs of damage, do not wait for it to fail. It's only a matter of time before it does, so better replace your old door jamb switch. In addition to physical damages, check the door jamb switches' performance. It's as simple as opening and closing each door and see which ones do not activate the cabin light.

Electrolyte contact cleaner

A usual cause of a door jamb switch failure is a being frozen in the circuit-open position. When this happens, don't jump into buying-mode and purchase next door jamb you see. Try applying a little electrolyte cleaner on your door jamb switch first, then see if it fixes the issue.

Replace properly

When you have established that your Dodge Avenger door jamb switch needs replacing, make sure that you replace it properly. Access the door panel of the broken door jamb switch. You will see door jamb switch behind the door latch assembly. Disconnect the wiring harnesses connecting the switch to the door panel. Using a screwdriver, detach the switch from the door latch assembly and replace with the new switch. Attach the wiring harnesses and put everything back. Test the door jamb switch by opening and closing the door.

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