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A Few Tips to Remember When Choosing Eyebrows for Your Ride

Automotive eyebrows are some of the cheapest and simplest styling accessories that are widely-available in the auto parts market today. If you want to add a touch of customization to your car without having to do any major body modifications, then these accessories are the best way to go. Aside from enhancing your car's exterior appeal, automotive eyebrows can also protect the headlights from nicks, scratches, and cracks caused by road debris. You basically get both form and function at an affordable price. So if you're planning to buy your ride a pair of eyebrows, check out these tips first:

Choosing among different materials

Car eyebrows are made from different materials, and knowing the pros and cons of each one is important in order to get the best type that suits your application. To help you pick the right eyebrows for your car, check out these things first:

  1. Plastic eyebrows: If ease-of-installation is a big factor for you when it comes to choosing an automotive accessory, then plastic eyebrows are your best bet. This type of eyebrows boasts a significantly lighter weight than its metal counterparts, making it a lot faster and easier to set-up. They also come with a more affordable price tag, which makes them a good choice if you're working on a really tight budget. However, it's good to note that plastic eyebrows are less durable than the metal ones. Although it's not at risk of corrosion, it still won't hold up against strong physical impact.
  2. Metal eyebrows: Outfitting your vehicle with eyebrows that are made of metal ensures a more polished and sleeker appearance. Compared to their plastic counterparts, the metal eyebrows are sure to offer better durability against everyday wear and tear as well as strong physical impact from road debris. They also have better resistance against UV rays and extreme heat, which means that they're unlikely to fade or deteriorate due to high temperatures.

Conversely, metal eyebrows have their fair share of disadvantages too. One of these drawbacks is their poor resistance against corrosion. If not maintained properly, these eyebrows will inevitably rust after a few years of use. They may also be a lot harder to install since they come with a heavier weight.

Other important things to consider

Aside from considering the eyebrows' material composition, you have to double-check their quality and design as well. It's a good idea to buy from established brands instead of settling for cheap ones offered by unknown manufacturers. High-quality eyebrows may come with a heftier price, but keep in mind that they offer long-term savings than substandard ones, which make them worth every buck. You should also check the thickness of the eyebrows to ensure that they don't warp or crack easily.

These accessories are also available in a variety of sizes and designs. Choose a style that would go well with your car to make it look more striking on the road. It's also important that you take the eyebrows' dimensions into consideration. Don't forget to verify if they're suitable with your vehicle's make and model.

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