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Fog Light Lens Guard: Shopping Dos and Don'ts

Driving on a stormy or foggy day can be difficult if you do not have the right set of fog lights. But it is even more challenging without quality, protective fog light lens guards to block road debris that might break your fog lenses. Do not take on that dangerous ride without replacing your underperforming or old fog light covers. Read on and find out the things you must and must not do when choosing the best fog light lens guards for your car.

Talking about materials

Fog light lens guards are made mainly from hard plastic or glass. If you constantly find yourself driving on debris-laden roads, buy lens covers made from hard plastic because these are tempered and will not easily break. Glass-made lens covers are also thick, but they can easily get damaged once a small crack sets in. Plastic covers are prone to scratches, which can be visible when they are too many; scratches on glass covers, however, are not that visible unless closely looked at. Both materials may build up impurities on the inside, so you should clean them as needed or before you set out during an inclement weather.

Talking about aesthetics, price, and warranty

If style is your concern, you should be willing to shop around longer for ones that satisfy your taste. Make sure that the size and shape of the fog light lens guards you are looking to buy will match that of your car. Buy ones that can be slipped directly on your fog lights and can fit snugly on them. You do not want them, of course, to fall off while driving, which is a possible cause for broken fog lenses. A set of guards is not that pricey, but if it has carbon fiber on it, expect to shell out a few more bucks. Go to online auto parts stores that offer warranty and have a decent return policy.

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