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Ford Explorer Liftgate Glass Strut

Common Problems with the Ford Explorer Liftgate Glass Strut

Liftgate glass struts help keep the rear of your Ford Explorer open. Though the strut is a rather simple mechanism filled with fluid or air, it can run into a number of problems. To prevent any unfortunate event from happening, like having the whole rear gate crash on your head, be sure to fix any problem with the liftgate strut as soon as it appears. Here are some common Ford Explorer liftgate glass strut issues:

Rust on the strut support pin and strut bracket

This is a common problem on a number of 1996 Ford Explorers. Be sure to keep an eye on the mount and support pins of your liftgate struts from time to time in case they start rusting up badly. A recall was issued for these struts back in 1997, so you should try to call the nearest dealer to have the issue fixed. Alternatively, you can have new support pins and strut brackets installed in your Explorer to fix the problem.

Liftgate glass strut offers no support

If it seems like the liftgate of your Ford Explorer is becoming heavier every time, it's probably because the glass struts are approaching failure. This is likely because the fluids in the strut are all puckered out or the strut mechanism itself is shot. In any case, you should replace the strut immediately.

Fluid leak on the liftgate strut

Significant fluid leak is a sure sign that the strut is about to give out soon. After a while, you will also begin to notice a significant decline in the strut's performance. As always, the only logical thing to do in this case is to replace the whole thing.

Popping sound from the strut as the lift gate is opened

Listen closely to where the sound is coming from. If the hinges and the brackets are making these sounds, it is probably because they are loose or in need of lubrication. Tighten the appropriate bolts and spray some penetrating oil on the noisy components to fix the problem. The popping sound could also be a sign that rust and corrosion have taken hold of the strut, so be sure to check for damage as well.

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  • 3 Amazingly Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Ford Explorer Liftgate Glass Strut

    The liftgate glass strut helps hold open the rear door of the Ford Explorer. With this, you can easily load and unload the back of the SUV without worrying about keeping the rear gate open. To ensure the struts have a long and problem-free life, be sure that they are well taken care of. Here are some maintenance tips for your Ford Explorer liftgate glass strut.

    Clean the liftgate glass strut regularly.

    Cleaning the liftgate strut regularly is the simplest way you can extend its life. Just wipe it with a rag from time to time to remove any dust and dirt buildup. For stubborn dirt and grime, use a mix of dishwashing soap and warm water. Don't touch the strut with oily and sticky hands. If you leave such residue on the struts, they could attract dirt and hampers the strut's operation.

    Be careful when operating the strut.

    Accidental damage and abuse can end the life of your liftgate glass strut in an instant. Air or hydraulic fluids contained within the cylinder of the struts are kept at a specific pressure to ensure normal operations. If you were to damage or dent the cylinder, if could compromise the fluid or the air within, rendering it inoperable. Don't attach anything heavy on the struts or anything that could scratch the cylinder body. If you're unloading anything from the rear of Ford Explorer, be careful not to bump and damage the liftgate struts. The struts may not operate as smoothly as you want because of the operational pressures within, but that does not give you the license to force them to open and close as you want. Such abuse to damage the struts inside and out, significantly shortening the struts life span.

    Replace the liftgate when necessary.

    Careful maintenance ensures that the liftgate will last you many years through tens of thousands of miles, but there will eventually be a point in time where the struts will just give up on life. Repairing these things won't do you much goof so you'll have to suck it up and buy yourself a new set of liftgate struts.